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Anyone played with it in an GM H body? I may have to research it a bit to see if its a bolt in but an Vega/Monza/Sunbird may be a good swap. Only needing to see if it will bolt to a trans and if there are mounts.

Call me :screwy: but this motor puts out when set up right. A light car only makes it better.

posted by  OBDII Guru

any rwd gm tranny w/ the 60deg/4 cyl bolt pattern should physically bolt up... 2004r, 700r4, 4l60, t5... the starter being on the opposite side might present an issue (some say it will, some say it won't-haven't done any hands-on research myself) but it's my understanding that if you go w/ a t5, you can find s10 bellhousings that have starter clearance on either side... trying to break the cycle by not going sbc?

i don't know what you consider bolt-in, but i don't think it would be by any stretch of the imagination. good luck.

posted by  dodger65

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