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After being told by an idiot who said "no one makes open air filters for carbs" and a more knowledgeable mechanic who didn't know of any off hand for the Chevette. I've decided to build something custom using a K&N filter.

But I don't know any good working hood scoops that'll look good on a Chevette and have the option of closing and opening. I've got the perfect place for a switch to do so. Can someone give me some ideas?

posted by  Alohaman

good luck wiring an actuator to open and close the cover lol

its a lot of custom work it would be easier to just have a manual snap in insert

posted by  newyorker

why? the mechanical mounting to make it work properly would be far more difficult than wiring it up.

posted by  windsonian

:banghead: thats what I meant to job got the best of my mind left sitting at the office

posted by  newyorker

I can always be lazy and stick a piece of cardboard across when it rains then I guess lol. Know any good brands though? Just found out my local Canadian Tire can order me almost anything I want. (Managed to snag a taller K&N filter that'll open up the air intake after I extend the bolts to fit).

posted by  Alohaman

Just use any generic functional hood prepared to cut a hole in your hood though

posted by  newyorker

Yeah, no problem with that, I can take another hood from another Vette if needed. I'll probably need to find a small scoop to fit off to the side about 12 inches wide and 16 inches long, or if I want something even in the middle, it'll have to be 24 inches wide. I'm guessing the smaller one would give a better more direct air flow, but considering my air filter setup is not completely open, the air from a larger scoop may help.

Man I'd love to kill the guy who went out of his way to make the Chevette so hard to mod :cussing:

posted by  Alohaman

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