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Well im currently looking for a new car to race and do dounts and crap in it to trick out and look like 2 fast to furious cars lol maybe doubt that. but just fast maybe around 120 mph just over 100 not like a SUV or anything i got a SUV right now and i cant do anything in it having a big car like that is risking doing dounts is fliping up even if it is that big it still can happen lol ive done it on our farm equiment befor lol good times.

well what im looking for is small car 4 wheel drive gotta be able to handle snow :D and speedd over 100 manual or auto dosn't matter i can learn a manual.

Link me some cars plz, Brands, types the works the price. Thanks

posted by  Markavich


and 120 mph isnt fast

posted by  newyorker

Honestly do people just come on here and make some stupid ricer shit up just to see how fast a rice hater can jump and flame this thread to pieces. Before any other members on here flame me for just bitching and not helping the kid can buy a........wait no I don't support idiotcy

posted by  Spanky2324

120mph is pretty fast for what he's going to do. Hell, I think 45mph is too fast judging by his grammar.

posted by  chris_knows

He's just keeping it real:laughing:

posted by  Spanky2324

My car i got now dosnt go over even 100 psh at least i got a car right but i want to get a new one that goes over 100 lol thats why i said something 120 lol but anyways im new to cars and all i just dont know wtf to buy

posted by  Markavich

but a moped they are the latest nad greatest :thumbs:

seriously there is no need to go over 100, but just for the record, what the **** kinda car do you have that doenst break into triple tiny ass 1.7 liter civic can cruise at 100 for hours, ive done it, dont tell me you drive a geo and now u wana be all fast and furious

posted by  newyorker

A suarban!

posted by  Markavich

I know 93 and up suburbans do 100. Trust me.

Shit I know a 93 V6 160hp stepside cheyenne will do 100.

posted by  Enthusiast

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