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Hey i just got rid of my 2005 Chevy Monte Carlo SS and bought a 2008 Chevy Malibu, I love the car, great gas mileage, great handling, great everything really, just 1 minor defect, I WANT MORE POWER haha i just cant survive my daily life without the power that i insist out of my Malibu . Ive been searching for places near me that may sell aftermarket parts such as a cold air intake, and a turbo or possibly a supercharger inplace of the turbo.

I live in 29 palms California and no where online have i been able to find what i need to make my car .......a sleeper...... does anyone know of a place within a reasonable distance that may sell and install those parts or even a place that can measure, customize, and install those parts? I appreciate all help.

posted by  hangten1387

Buy a different car, im surprised more and more people arent understanding that domestic sedans arent made for tuning.

posted by  newyorker

Thats why family cars are such great sleepers lol no one expected the 2007 malibu maxx to be rollin' out with 303 horsepower out of a V6.......sooo you dont have anything for me to help me out??

posted by  hangten1387

Well basically since the 08 malibu is a redesign, styling parts will be on the short hand now (and probbably for good since the malibu isnt apopular "tuner" car)

as far as engine parts, you may have to go with custom made things and that will cost a lot of money. enjoy the car for what it is, and pick up a second cheap car for a project, you will be happier in the end believe me

posted by  newyorker

Which engine do you have?
I believe the 3.6 L is the same as the one used in the Cadillac CTS and the Pontiac G6, so i wouldn't say that there is no market for performance, but it might be a while yet before there is any demand for parts

posted by  dvdrose18

In other words

You can definately get an intake, K&N is popular but they mostly make short ram systems (domestics seem to like them the most) that come with heatshields and the whole shebang, but look to pay between 200 and 300 bux. Of course you can always get a Dr. Speedy (ebay system) and just stick a K&N filter on it, works just fine for me, and is a lot cheaper than getting namebrand, considering an intake will yeild minimal gains anyway, I dont see a point in dropping big money on one.

Exhaust system, which may not yet be available can always be custom made. They will take your choice of diameter piping and bend it (using a pipe bender) and you will have a new exhaust. Cost for this is anywhere between 100 and 300 without mufflers depending where you live/go. Dont get rid of the cat unless your state allows it you will regret it. As far as mufflers, check out flowmaster, they seem to be popular with the domestic crowd, and can be had pretty cheap (super 40 is like 60 a piece i think). An exhaust can also be setionally welded together, but that costs a bit more money. The difference is that they can weld very small pieces to make smooth bends, vs. a pipe bender causing ripples in the bends of the pipe hence hindering performance. Im sure there are shops that can also make a mandrel bent exhaust, but I dont know the price for this, assuming though that its higher than either of the above.

You cant expect big gains from this though, just some great sound and a little more pep and throttle response. I am not very familiar with domestics, especially malibus, but I think what I said basically covers your basics.

Forced induction is the way to go, but if you dont want to void your warranty, dont do it, and consult the dealer for the above because believe it or not an intake can void your warranty as well.

Also, the malibu isnt a very popular car among us tuners but im sure there are enthusiasts out there for it, as with every car. Look for a chevy or more specifically a malibu forum/club, they will prove more useful. A lot of times, parts can be swapped from car to car for gains (see below for example)

My friend has a 95 mustang 5.0, and wanted a different intake manifold (the one from the mustang cobra). Well it just happened to be that a Ford explorer used the same manifold, he swapped it over an all worked well.

I cant be of much more help

posted by  newyorker


Tell that to...unfortunately I imagine they still have the no-link nazi rule...but it is a site that specializes in the 3800 Series II engine, both supercharged and naturally aspirated. That engine was used in a wide variety of General Motors sedans. They have a special promotional Pontiac Grand Prix GTP using their parts and running 9's in the quarter mile.

Now, for the original poster...

Given that your car is very new, and not at the top of most people's tuning list, I'd say that parts for your car are going to be hard to come by. You can always build custom performance parts, but that's going to likely cost a little extra and require some creative thinking on your part.

posted by  hondaman

I'm even more suprised that many haven't yet realized that most import sedans are not made for tuning :wink2:

posted by  jedimario

I haven't seen Impalas and Malibus used for much of anything except family sedans and fleet service

It is illegal to tamper with the emissions control systems in all States - The Feds have made that point very clear. The issue becomes if you live in a state where the car has to pass smog (air pollution control) inspection and you get caught or if a wholesaler will give you next to nothing for the car since he/she cant resell the car in many states unless he/she can get the car to pass the smog test. If someone does modify the exhaust system, make sure the cats and rear O2 sensor still function as designed

posted by  tbaxleyjr

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