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Im having a brake wear issue, it keeps happening to me over and over, where on both sides of the car the pad by the tire wears to the metal and the pad closer to engine is brand new still. The rotors are fine, fairly new. not grooved or warped.

so last time I bought new calipers, new slide bolts for the calipers, new brake lines, and the pads in august 06, so 1.5 years ago. all greased properly.

now here it is just a year later, and the brake pads are oddly worn again, with the pad nearest the tire being gone and the one nearest the engine still new. I am at a total loss as to why this is happening. I do not ride the brakes or drive crazy. also i have replaced shoes and wheel cylinders on rear so those are fine. help!

btw 1990 cavilier 4 door

posted by  exalteduser

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posted by  Cliffy

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