i need help wit a 1980 stang

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ok my hood dose not open when i pull the release cable how can i get it to open?!

posted by  1980stang

There is a small latch right under the hood...Just slip your fingers in, around the middle, and slide it.

Better explanation here (http://www.wikihow.com/Get-Under-the-Hood-of-a-Vehicle).

Also, one thread is enough.

posted by  chris_knows

yes i know that, but when i pull the releas, the hood dose not open at all, so what i did was rednecked the cable so its out when i try opening the hood, but it seems like its still locked

posted by  1980stang

start breaking your front end apart.

posted by  carls47807

how, most of the screws are under the hood, so i'd have to open the hood (which won't open), but i don't want to break/replace the front

posted by  1980stang

I am assuming you have opened the hood before, does the cable feel the same when you pull it? Some times it helps if you push down on the hood when you pull the cable. How hard have you tried lifting the hood?

posted by  dvdrose18

well i've been try'n to pry it open wit what ever i can find, so far i'm using a "wonder bar" its kinda like a bry bar but skinner

posted by  1980stang

1980 mustang.....There enough room infornt of the engine to weasel your hand up from the bottom and do what the hood release latch does manually?

posted by  Zalight

ight i'll try it out, i'll keep you guys posted, but still if you guys know anyother ways let me know, please!

posted by  1980stang

alright you guys i have the hood open, found out that the release cable its too long, and it wasn't letting it unlock, but now that i have a battery in it, it turns but it won't actually start, its geting fuel in the carberator, i personally think its not geting a spark but i'm not too shur, if you guys come up with other possiblilitys please let me know

posted by  1980stang

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