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Hi guys,

I Just got myself a 1997 Saturn SL (70k Km) and had a few questions.

1. Does it need to be rust proofed, I've heared mixed answers, some people say that it doesnt because of the material that this car uses, but then I hear that it can rust on the inside of the door and underneath, is this true? what should I be doing? and if I should be rust proofing then what is the best type of treatment to use?

2. It doesn't have A/C, the Saturn dealer told me it would be in the thousands to add it, but I've heard that it would be possible to add an aftermarket A/C unit at a much cheaper price, anyone have any idea if this is possible, and if so at a resonable price? I know many people will say don't bother, but I got such a good deal on the car that I could justify a resonable investment in order to be comfortable in the summer for the years to come.

3. The car has no pickup, If I press too hard on the gas pedal it just goes to the floor and the car hardly accelerates and the rpms just go way up until it finally catches up, is there anything I can do (some cheap mod) that would solve this or atleast improve it without hurting the car?

4. I'm also looking for a Canadian or American site with the best prices on aftermarket parts, I would love to add on a standard Saturn spoiler, or anything else..give me some ideas!


posted by  Rockstead

Where the hell do you live?

That would costs craploads like the guy said.

What engine does it have in it?

posted by  DodgeRida67

I live in Montreal, Canada. Lots of snow in the winter, and they put a lot of slt on the roads.

So there is no cheap aftermarket solution.

I have no idea, all I can tell you right now is that it is a 1997 SL Automatic. I'll check the manual when I get home and I'll report back.


posted by  Rockstead

Then yes, it needs rust proofing.

When dealing with A/C, there is never a cheap solution.

posted by  DodgeRida67

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