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I was just wondering if a 1991 Plymouth Sundance that has been sitting for a year would be running fine if I just changed the oil and put new gas in it? To my knowledge it has only been started a couple times. Its only been sitting cuz it didnt pass aircare it was nitrous of oxides that didnt pass whatever that means...And my car had just had $2100 being fixed so it would actually run fine before I parked it. Which in my opinion was a waste of my money cuz I coulda gotten a better car for that money but ohhh well. Anyways was just wondering if anyone knows if my car would run if I changed the oil and put some new gas in it.

Thanks for your help!

posted by  Courtney2468

seems to me it would be fine. you were a little hard to follow, are you trying to say it won't start now?

i'd imagine it will run, in which case run the majority of gas out if it does run and then fill it up with fresh. also, changing the oil wouldn't hurt anything. i'm sure the brakes will be a bit rusty, just go easy on them for a couple of miles until the rust gets cleaned off.

posted by  carls47807

It wouldn't hurt to pop the hood and make sure all the fluids are topped off, especially the oil and coolant, and make sure no mice built a nest on the exhaust or in the air filter.

posted by  dvdrose18

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