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I own a black '03 Cobra convertible. It's the most awesome straight line car I've ever had.

I've been looking for a '69 427 Mach 1, but haven't had any luck. Maybe in the future... :)

posted by  TM875

Any other fellow Mustang drivers in here????? If so tell what you got.


posted by  1 BALZGT

92 gt
several mods also pics
click the link in my sig

posted by  RichG

Sweet Car Rich, it is so sweet, the only thing that wasn't the greatest on it was the spoiler. Doesn't look bad...but could look much better. Your friends mustang is also awesome.

posted by  Lilhuff11

what don tyou like about the spoiler? that is the saleen version

posted by  RichG

Mustang owner here and new to the forum.

posted by  2k3SVTCobra

sweet cobra man

posted by  RichG

i have a 92 5.0 gt

posted by  Samba169

nice, and pics of it?

posted by  RichG

Fellow mustang fanatics

99 V6 Vert


01 GT VErt

and now

2003 cobra coupe...wanted to race so went coupe

The 03 is the coolest car I have ever been terms of speed and performance. What a blast! Now if it would just stop snowing ugggggg

posted by  Miklowcic

I think it's time for you to register at

There's a lot of good info there but be careful, you might get the mod bug!

posted by  2k3SVTCobra

01 saleen s281-e
its not mine its a friend's..

posted by  GoOsEmAn


posted by  RichG

yea i love that car..i found one with 20k miles for friend paid 43g for that red 1..

posted by  GoOsEmAn

What's up guys. New to this forum. Proud owner of a supercharged 93 gt convertible. Hope to chat with some of you.

posted by  SC93GT

Welcome SC93GT,

Fellow mustang owner here! Do you have any details on your 93? It already sounds sweet!

posted by  2k3SVTCobra


Compliments on your car by the way. Work for a Ford Dealership
and loved the Cobra when I got to drive it. Instant boost on the
bottom is great. My car has been upgraded to GT-40 heads,B-cam,
1.7 rockers,1" 5/8th's shorty headers, Cobra intake,full Mac exhaust,
30lb injectors,65mm throttle body,76mm mass air and last but not
least an upgraded A-trim Vortech supercharger. I'm running a con-
servative 8#'s of boost but hope to get more soon.Have yet to get the
car to the track or dyno but hopefully this spring I will.

posted by  SC93GT


Damn, that's quite a list you got there! Very impressive. Any pictures?

posted by  2k3SVTCobra

I used to be a proud owner of a 1999 Mustang GT from July of 2001 to April of more.

posted by  JettaChiC20

The Boss 302, 427, New Mach 1, Cobra, and the King Cobra are by far the best Mustangs ever made! :D

posted by  JU5TIN

Hi guys! I'm new to this forum, but I am definitely a fellow Mustang owner/enthusiast.

posted by  03Mach1

ohhh sweet! a mach one :D nice

posted by  bLen

Love the new Mach 1's. The shaker hood is a great feature. The Cobra is the ultimate Mustang in my books, and I like the Bullit edition just because that movie was great. LOL, I wish I had a Mustang.

posted by  JU5TIN

Hey 2k3svt,

Sorry I haven't got pictures on here yet but I am having
some trouble getting my pictures to transfer over. Any help
would be appreciated.

posted by  SC93GT

Hey i'm the FNG but yeah i have a 66 mustang fastback GT-350 Clone. Pretty clean car if i may say so myself. Has a blueprinted and balanced 302 in it backed by a Tremmec 3550. I'm hoping for around 400hp at the wheels with a 100 shot of nitrous. We'll see though i'm still in the installation stage but so close to the end that i can taste it! Oh yeah by the way i did all the Engine assembly and install myself at the ripe old age of 18 so i'm having to learn quick so i can get it running before the end of the month!

posted by  slavboy1

dad owns a 95 GT conv. lowered, stereo, wider tires, k&n filtercharger. sweet car.

posted by  SuperJew

hey man thats a sick ass mustang you got there wut does it do in the quarter mile ?

posted by  M3 Blazer

I've had my Mach now since the beginning of June. Already put 6200 miles on it too :D . Now it's time to Upgrade the stock parts. Am looking at a whole new exhaust system to include long tube headers, 2 chamber FlowMasters and new brakes. Can anyone give me some ideas for the engine besides pulling it and rebuilding it completely?

posted by  joshuausmc

I don't actually have a mustang myself (i just got my license). I have a '79 280ZX (i know its an import) but it was cheap. ANYWAYS. Mustangs have always been my favorite car. And i hope to get one eventually. But (I love ford and everything) I beat an '03 mach 1 last friday night. I have a V8 and everything but i mean, My car altogether is worth about a 10th of the mach 1 but i still beat it. just thought i'd let ya know that... Anyways ford mustangs are still one of my favorite cars.

posted by  ChevySuxD0ng


posted by  IZAMUST96

i thought i was gonna be the only guy with an old 'stang
i gots a '67, got a pic over in my n00b post (

she's mostly stock for now, that'll change sooner or later tho

posted by  asa67_stang

hey i have a mustang wannabe car...lmao, same engine...302 5.0 kinda close

posted by  twoloud4urears21

posted by  vwhobo

My brother owns a 97 Cobra, all stock except a K&N air filter, flow masters, and new Cobra Rims.. I have a 2000 Mercury Cougar with aftermarket dual exhausts, chrome rims, hood scoop, roush decals, cold air intake... I hopefully will be a new mustang owner soon, can't wait!

posted by  mugal2003

You and your brother both have "rims"? If all you have is "rims", how do you attach them to the car? :rolleyes: How many horsepower do you get from the Roush decals?

posted by  vwhobo

It's not a mustang but it's close...88 thunderbird, power everything, automatic lights and digital dash, 90k orig. miles, previous owner:my friends granny.

My buddy borrowed this car when his granny still owned it and hit the track...bone stock with 2.76 open rear and blow-by it ran 16.45's all night. then he snapped the oil pump shaft and drove for result: spun rod bearings, a bent rod, wiped out cam, and anal raped valves/rockers...oh yeah, did i mention he broke the oil pump shaft? lol

this car was recently donated to me...i got an HO motor out of a '91 Linc LSC Mark7 as well as an ECM. Got the engine in, fired for the first time last weekend and it purrrrrrrs. I may have a problem with the shift linkage/exhaust. The mark7's and '87-'93 stangs all had the same ho manifolds but none of those vehicles came with a column i will probably have to get an aftermarket "floor" shifter and try to put it in the console. i just ordered an off-road H-pipe and O2 sensor extensions out of Jegs.....

stock mufflers will remain intact and the wire spoke hub-caps have to stay to complete the "sleeper" look :twisted:


posted by  88TbirdSleeper

I'll trade you :D This is really a sleeper :(

posted by  lectroid

from the pic, the damage really doesn't look that bad...a new fender and a new corner marker lense and you'll be on your way.

by the did that carnage occur?


posted by  88TbirdSleeper

200 feet over a mountain, first hit was a boulder on the under-carriage as big as a Mack truck. Trust me it's asleep. Nice body :evil:

posted by  lectroid

Hiya, I have a 66 mustang that me, my dad and brother rebuilt. They are currently rebuilding 70 Mach 1 while I'm out of the country.......jerks couldn't wait for me to get back!

posted by  Mustang79

I own a 1971 Sportroof

Has a 351 (5.8L) Cleveland w/ramair
-Aluminum Roller Rocker Arms
-Holley Aluminum Intake Manifold
-Holley/Edelbrock 750CFM carb w/Electric Choke
-Crane Hydraulic Cam AdvDuration-272* maxlift-.524"
-Chromoly Pushrods
-Crane valve springs w/damper and retainers
-2V Heads w/bronze valve guides(3 angle valve job w/port work)
-Headers, dual exhaust mufflers only
-3.55 gears w/T-loc
-18" Electric Fan
-Holley Red Electric fuel pump
-Mach1 trim inside and out
-Rear Spoiler

posted by  Integer8

And that is also a nice ride!! :thumbs:


posted by  BavarianWheels

Exactly... What's up with these cool machines today? :ticking:

posted by  Unfedfat

Welcome aboard Intergr8. I have to say that Fords that look like Capris, only muscular, are some of my favourite looking classic cars :drool:

posted by  snoopewite

Isn't that the "Charlie's Angels" original Mustang? :mrgreen:

posted by  BavarianWheels

Is it? I've never watched "Charlies Angels" :PP

posted by  snoopewite

Welcome aboard Intergr8. I have to say that Fords that look like Capris, only muscular, are some of my favourite looking classic cars

Not sure if you mean the Mustang is based on the Capris or the Capris is based on the Mustang which neither is true by the pic you posted not to knock you but wanna get the info straight... that is actually an Australian XC 2 Door COBRA V8 Coupe/Hardtop, (1978) - limited production run coupe at recent "All FORD day" these are Falcons not Capris...And it is from what ive seen that the Falcons were based on the Mustang...
This is the website i found info at...

posted by  Integer8

Ya...I know. You're way too young to actually "know" the original "angels."

posted by  BavarianWheels

Integer8 wrote: -
"Not sure if you mean the Mustang is based on the Capris or the Capris is based on the Mustang which neither is true by the pic you posted not to knock you but wanna get the info straight... that is actually an Australian XC 2 Door COBRA V8 Coupe/Hardtop, (1978) - limited production run coupe at recent "All FORD day" these are Falcons not Capris...And it is from what ive seen that the Falcons were based on the Mustang..."

I never said that the picture of that Falcon was a Capri; I sent it as an example of another Ford besides your 1971 Mustang that resembles a Capri. I wasn’t saying that Mustangs are based on Capris or visa versa; I see Mustangs as being like Capris and not the other way round because Capris are more familiar to me. That’s because they used to be built in England whereas no muscle cars have ever been built where I live. I already knew about the Falcon in my attachment but thanks for the additional information.

posted by  snoopewite

I drive a 92lx 5.0 had it about a year so far it's got heads,intake,cam,nitrous,aluminium driveshaft,short shifter,gears,ud pullies, subframe connectors and a bunch of other stuff I can't remember right now. I'm also a newbie to this site so I'll just say hey to everyone now.

posted by  itslow

I have a mustang transmission and a posi trac rear end. There in my ranchero but whatever.

posted by  Vanman5001

Yes i ahve a piece if crap 86 mustang Lx. 2.3L 4 cylinder! but it's still my baby (first car) :drool:

posted by  Lexmonkey

This is an update to a post I made in January under a different user name...

My T-bird has gone 15.2's@91mph with the LSC engine, off-road h-pipe, dyno max super turbo mufflers and dumps, stock replacement spark plugs, k&n air filter, junkyard spark plug wires, a horribly clogged fuel filter, a trans that decides to just drop out of first gear 2 or 3 times under hard acceleration, as well as stock "open" rear with 2.73 gears(not 2.76 as I posted previously) and skinny 215/70R14's....oh yeah, my cyl #7 injector is stuck wide open all the time too!

I've since replaced the fuel filter, wires, installed Autolite AR133 plugs, and removed the fenderwell air intake silencer. I've noticed an immense improvement in performance as well as efficiency...I felt the biggest difference with the AR133's, MM&FF showed hp improvements of up to 20hp over other plugs.

I think she'd dip into the high 14's once I replace my cyl #7 injector...especially with my nifty new 255/60R15's...when I get some chassis dyno time in I'll post my results.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

Finaly i get to meet some nice stang owners. I have a 66' mustang fastback with a 460 Big block with dual double pump Holley 4-barrels. We added a 32 cu in. blower. It has a Dana-spicer 4-speed manual limited slip racing kit. My dad bought it for me when i was 15, and we worked on it together until i was 16. It has so much power it's illegal to drive on the street where i'm from, so i have never drove it yet. I also convinced my dad to give me his 76' falcon when i was 23. Just got it painted cherry red (the original color). It has a 302 BOSS and dual headers. Single four barrel carb and posi-trak rear. Not sure what else it has but i got alot of interior and engine work to do. It sat for 10 years in the back yard. I am going to keep the detachable 8-track player in it though. There are alot of Ford mustang owners in my hometown a town picnic looks like a muscle cars convention. Last summer there were 17 mussys (including mine) and 1 '67 Shelby GT that my uncle bought when it first came out, under 34,000 miles and all by him. Not to bad for a poulation of about 250 people. The Shelby sits next to his '65 Vett (about 23,500 miles). They still have the hint of the new car smell. I'm trying to get a Shelby GT next.

posted by  decap66

I highly doubt you have an original Boss 302 in a '76 original Boss 302 engine is probably worth twice it's weight in gold, that and I'm sure it would be nestled safely and securely between the fenderwells of a 69 Boss 302 'stang. Unless daddy is makin' 351C head to 302 block kits or found a swap kit.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

Not sure what he did but he owns his own auto shop and lots of Ford engines went through there. There is a drag strip near our town. I know that it had a inline six as original equipment, wish i had that instead. The BOSS was put in later. My uncle dose engine rebuilds for racers. The big problem I have is the front end is heavy with the 302. It has air bags on the back to give it the lifted look thinking of splicing and putting bags on the front to ballance the wieght. I'm sure the 302 was a kit of some kind or built to be one. He says it's a BOSS. I find it ironic for him owning a shop the car wasted away in the back yard. That is why I am trying to fixx it up.

posted by  decap66

I had a 1998 Mustang GT with a Vortech Supercharger, Oversized Titanium Driveshaft, racing transmission and clutch, a shifter from a 5.0 , Flowmaster Exhaust with an H pipe after the cats and a whole body kit including side skirts with 18' rims, but i lost it in an accident :cry: i was only able to get the rims and the supercharger. everthing else went :cry:

posted by  Holy Jerex212

I got a 73 Mustang Grande with a 351 Cleveland and C-6. Original block and tranny. Switched out the 2v heads for a set of the 4v's. Got the others sitting around still. New comp cam bump stick, roller rockers, forged pistons, holley 4v, Edelbrock Performer intake (351 Torker intake waiting to get put on). MSD blaster 2 ignition with a Crane Capacitive Discharge box. New NASA hood awaiting ram air kit. 2500 stall converter. 9" rear, detroit locker, 4.11:1 gears. Weld Racing wheels. Hoosier rubber. Classic green gold paint. But with the body work, it's gonna go to lime gold. And some new vinyl for the roof.


posted by  Stanger73

2004 Mach 1 here!!

Current mods include:

SLP loudmouth cat-back exhaust
K&N aircharger
Steeda Tri-ax
Royal Purple Racing 11

plus some dress-up items...there will be more mods to come, when I can find that damn money tree everyone is talking about

posted by  DTMach1

well i am new to this site but it is nice to see a good turn out for mustang owners here. i have a 1995 mustang gt with a supercharged 5.0 engine, full mac exhaust, 70 mm throttle body, new fuel system, upper and lower control arms with drilled and slotted brakes for now. hope to be putting in a new cam and heads soon.

posted by  95stang

[QUOTE=1 BALZGT]Any other fellow Mustang drivers in here????? If so tell what you got.

i got an 05 ! gt 5 speed coming :hi:

posted by  elmein

my dad just purchased the new 2005 mustang gt 5-speed. its so amazing, and so fast. :thumbs:

posted by  elmein

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