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I am doing a little research and I need some input.

I am prospecting the idea of building a 305. I want to keep the powerband nearer to the bottom something like 1500-4500 rpm.

My questions are:
What would be my best bet of a cam that makes a good balance of HP and torque in this range?

Should I stick with a stock crank or maybe a 350 crank?

What head specs should I look for?

What are some good manuals or paper resources I can get to help build a mild performance motor?

I realize that is a lot to ask but feel free to tell me I am retarded if I asked a dumb question. I just really want to build this motor and learn a lot in the process. Thanks

posted by  dj2kcarnage

well i built a derby motor, 305, had it bored out .30. i went with a comp cam 268 rv cam, had good torque. probably a little higher rpm range than what you are looking for, maybe a 260 if i remember right would be about what your lookin for.

i used the stock heads and just rebuilt everything, used the stock crank, had it turned. dish pistons, new bearings...etc runs great.

posted by  adamc44

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