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So guys Ive been making some good progress. Id be done already but I was getting dicked around by some of my part suppliers. I finally got most of my stuff and she has started going back together.

Also got my powdercoated stuff back and it looks great.

Also decided to go with a different cam. I just didnt think all the work would be worth a measely 224/230. So the new ones a lil bigger:mrgreen:

Also I realized that cam swap are expensive.

So far im in.
Rockers 300
Cam 260
Lifters 130
Guideplates 50
Double roller 100
PR length checker 20
Opti 220
Springs 160
Valve Seals 20
thermostat 22
timing cover gasket 9
crank seal 5

Still need
Injectors 300
Tuning 200
chromoly Pushrods 100
Gaskets 50
AC delete puller 50
Fluids 50

Shouldnt be too much longer. but I just blew the honda up so I am in the middle of putting a new headgasket and radiator in it.

Ill get some picks up of the new manifold and wp housing.

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