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Now I've heard all the rave on throttle body spacers but i'm wondering if the difference between adding one and not is significant. I'm looking to help my old PU get some bounce in her step. It's a 350TBI. I know it'll help, but I also heard people going on and on about Tornados (Spirals air in the intake tube) and how they add HP and MPG. So years ago I went out and spent the $60 on one and didn't gain any HP or MPG. Waste of my money. Anyway, anyone ever try one on their V8 and notice a difference worth $150?

posted by  DBain

Here's a good way to think: If this car part was so magical and increased HP, TQ, MPG, didn't hurt the car, is super cheap to manufacture, and is quite simple...why didn't any car companies ever create their own version? Or better yet, how likely is it that a small company had the funds to design this when the Big 3 automakers have several times the budget?

If it sounds too good to be is. Look at legitimate modifications to cars; they all have a downside, which is why the car didn't come like that. Either they scare away older customers (huge wings, headers, sporty suspension), cost a lot, or hurt the cars reliability.

Tornados/Vortex things don't work, just like TB spacers and those $5 chips that you buy on ebay.

The idea of a TB spacer is that it smoothes the path for air to move easier. However, there is a legit way to do this in the TB; have it ported and polished. I seem to recall it costing about $100-$150 to have this done. Although it does actually add HP, probably not worth $100-$150. You can do it yourself if you're feeling brave and have a rotary tool/accessories such as a dremel.

posted by  giant016

Thanks for the input, I kinda figured it was a joke. Those resistor chips on Ebay do make me laugh tho.
There's a pretty decent machine shop about 5min away from my shop I may check them out.
Unfortunately I don't have the $500 for the Holley Throttle body I want, but who knows maybe with the tax bonus this year. Thanks again.

posted by  DBain

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