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I have a 1995 chevy camaro the tire size is 245/50/16 .
most tires for this car are 235 or 215, I think the wheels are not original.
I suppose it is not possible to have three tires at 245 and one tire a 215.
Would a 215 and a 245 fit on the same wheel size?

posted by  portland5

The 245 or 215 number is the width of the tire (in millimetres). Here's how you read this:

245mm wide. The 50 means your sidewalls are 50% of your width. So the sidewall height on that tire would be 245 x 0.5 = 122.5mm. The 16 means the wheel is 16" in diameter.

posted by  chris_knows

To answer your question, yes they can, it just depends what width the rim is, and how the 215 sits on the rim. If the 215 is streched, its too small. 245 is in the back or front or both? Post a shot of the car

posted by  newyorker

easy button: look at your tire/loading info sticker (usually on the driver's door). that will tell you what came factory on that particular vehicle

posted by  dodger65

Thanks for the answer.. I learn a lot.. :wink2:

posted by  nakaltitude

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