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So here's the story, this old guy from work keeps telling me his 96F150 XLT has more hauses than my 87 chevy. I know for a fact he's full of it but i'd like to find an official source listing the horsepower of both vehicles. From what I've found I've got around 200 and he's got around 190.
Mines a small block 350 TBI all stock and he's got a 302 with sequential port also stock. Even more so my trucks only got 43,000mi and his ford got well over 180,000, so wear a tear I would imagine would bring his down. Anyway, anyone know where I can find some indisputable evidence to shut this guy up? I'd appreciate it. He's the type of guy who believes everything he owns is better than anything else ever made, so burning him would make my day. Thanks

posted by  DBain

Sites like KBB and autotrader would probably have those. Maybe it was cars.com, I don't recall, but one of those big used car sites has a compare feature that gives HP and TQ. Plus, they're trucks, you shouldn't be so worried about HP, TQ is at least as important.

posted by  giant016

Cars.com holds great info for that in the research section, but since the trucks arent newer models he might have to hunt for that info.

posted by  newyorker

The year was the issue. I found a list off of someones personal site, showed him that, and as soon as he started into the "you don't know if it's true" bs I showed him the specs of an OE crate. Just as I figured 200 horse 300ft/lbs. Not bad for first year fuel infestation.

posted by  DBain

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