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Hi, i have a 2002 Saturn sc2 and it looks great, i bought it this way. Now i just need to make it fast for its looks and sound good (engine wise). I have been looking at getting a Cold Air intake system, but i dont know what the correct prices should be, and i want to get an exhaust, but dont know if it's worth it.

any words of advice?


posted by  Twomblinator

an sc2 wouldnt be a bad place to start, albeit most if not all of your add-ons would be universal bolt-on applications. theres not a very big aftermarked marked for exactly the saturns. i would try jegs, and those type of companies for your performance parts, and they wouldnt be the cheapest, obviously, but the quality would be much better because you would be getting name brand stuff. good luck with your project

posted by  bullrage2003

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