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:ohcrap: ok so my problem is my 1994 ford Taurus is being stupid and well i was driving it for about 50 km and i was watching my temp. gauge and well it was acting funny, it would go to the "L" on normal and then go back to "N" a few seconds later so i`m kind of scared to drive it..long story short..i need help with my problem? because i have to make that trip for the next 4-5 days :doh:

Any help is greatly appreciated

thanks vair_17

posted by  vair_17

Could be a number of things. First check your coolant level. If it is low, fill it. Let the car run for awhile so it gets up to temp, and try to spot any leaks. There is a good chance it is a very small leak that is not visible to the naked eye, in which case you'll need to take it to a mechanic.

If your coolant level isn't low, a possible cause is a broken thermostat.

I'm not the smartest guy here, but I've gotta stress, if the car is overheating DO NOT RUN IT.

posted by  giant016

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