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I read in the bible that Jeep is to make a kind of replica to their Wrangler of old! Apparently it'll have no creature comforts, right down to rear 'curtains' instread of windows. Now this clearly isn't for everybody, but it certainly has a certain appeal to it! Below are pics and the review! oto_274317_25.jpg oto_274332_25.jpg oto_274329_25.jpg oto_274326_25.jpg oto_274323_25.jpg oto_274320_25.jpg

posted by  Cliffy

You're kidding me, right? Back to basics, my hairy old ass. Long wheelbase, automatic transmission, heat and looks like air conditioning, full doors with power windows, it even has an arm rest between the seats and cup holders. How about down optioned Jeep with flat paint and a bunch of childish lettering to prop up the ego of wannabe urban commandos, especially harley owners. I'm sure they'll sell a bunch. And good job posting the review... Wait a minute! What review?

P.S. I would have thought that the self proclaimed moderator of the decade would have been smart enough to post downsized pictures instead of those monsters. I guess the rules are only meant to be followed by other people.

posted by  vwhobo

So you'll slate me on posting a clearly relevent (car orientated at least) thread, yet you'll welcome 'What' back with open arms in yet another pointless thread by him? twat. I don't deam those pictures too big, at least no bigger than I'm prepared toallow other members to post. It has no air con that I can see, no electric windows....actually, I don't think it has any windows. So yeah, it's back to basics. The only 'new' thing is the engine I believe. :thumbs:

Oh yeah my apologies...I forgot about the review....It's now been added.

posted by  Cliffy

I tend to mostly agree with the hobo on this one. The outside looks ok, but they could have done better. The inside, on the other hand, needs some serious help. The whole center console and all of the cheep plastic needs to go. get rid of the glove box and the plastic door trim and dash. give me some undecorated sheet metal with some guages stuck in it. Give me a manual transmission with a floor shifter. I think they chickened out of going all the way. sure they got rid of the carpet, but they left everything else.
Over all grade? I give them a D-. The idea was good, but they didn't follow through.

posted by  dvdrose18

I don't think they chickened out, I think they meant it not to be a realistic replica of the original model, but one that looks the same from the outside, and the inside to be fairly bland with none of the usual creature comforts.

posted by  Cliffy

so they got rid of the carpet because it was too much comfort but left the navagation system or whatever the display is? I still think they were just too chicken to change anything more than aesthetics. I guess the targeted consumer is the one that want's too look cool, but can't go without the frills.

posted by  dvdrose18

Agreeing with the herd on this one...just a crappy publicity-type niche vehicle. Give me a 4WD, flat painted, hand crank windows, no nav/sound system/AC (heat is ok), stick, for under 15K. It can be done. I can do without the fold down windshield and would like a hardtop (I believe the originals didn't have tops and did have a folding windshield), but wouldn't mind them.

I've been saying the same thing about a sports car for as long as I remember. Manual seats/windows, no carpeting, no sound system, no AC/heat, and bam, you've knocked off a bunch of weight and lowered the price tag. Plus now no vacuming the interior, just get out a hose. I'm guessing with the reduced weight/price you could have one that handles well, runs (high) 12s in the 1/4 for 20K.:2cents:

posted by  giant016

I was wondering about the fold down windshield myself, but I guess it would be hard to get it past safety standards. Probably the same for the top. I guess with all the laws and requirements it is hard to have a simple vehicle anymore, and people are so used to luxury it is hard to find a large enough market that is willing to give it up.
I agree with the sports car too. It would be nice to see a simple roadster hit production, aside from the Ariel Atom with its insane price tag.

posted by  dvdrose18

I don't think that's a navation system...just a black plastic cover where the stereo should be...:thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy .jpg

Looks to me like they left the nav/entertainment system, and turned the air vents into the control buttons/knobs. :2cents:

posted by  dvdrose18

Now where was it I have seen this thread before?? :lol:

And no, these pics aren't too big. Calm down ;)

posted by  2007DBR9

Are we sure that's not what happens to the air vents when you close them? Like Skodas and VWs do.

posted by  Cliffy

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