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So I've got a friend who's got an 85 K5 blazer that I'm about to make an offer on. Let me give you a little background info: He ended up moving and only took his car with him, left the truck at a condemned property that burned down across the street. It's sitting on 1 flat tire and missing one exhaust pipe(dual exhaust). Last I heard it also needed some brake work to pass inspection as well. Until recently it was his and his mothers daily driver, but they decided with gas prices to buy a new car instead of doing the work to the truck. It's got some cancer poking through the paint but all in all not in bad shape. It's 4WD solid front axle 350ci with a 4spd auto, not sure on miles. It's black and has ugly deezee aluminum steps.
I'm thinking of offering him $3-400 for it to either fix up and be another vehicle for me to beat on or flip and sell for parts. I know between motor and axles I could get my money back. Now I've got two questions. Anything in particular I should check before purchasing (for example if the transfers go or body mounts rot I know gas tanks and lines are common) and would that be a fare offer on my part. If he leaves the truck there too long it'll end up being towed away so I think he'll let it go pretty cheap, but he's a good guy and I don't want to screw him..... too bad. I'm looking for anyones :2cents: on this one. Help me convince myself it's worth a few hundred dollars.

posted by  DBain

Finally talked to the guy today and he said he doesn't know how much he's gonna sell it for if at all. Guess he needed the money then but doesn't now. Oh well sorry for wasting your time.

posted by  DBain

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