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Hey, I was considering getting a Mustang and was wondering if there was a particular model that is easier to install a turbo on. Any help is appreciated.

posted by  jWESTFOO

Can you be a little more specific on what mustangs you are looking at like give us the years engine type you want? e.g. a 5.0L or a 4.6L or V6?

posted by  Jaywalkersw

You can get an SVO Mustang with the 2.3L turbo...If you can find one.

posted by  Satty101

ahh them svo's the turas with a face lift

turbos... well see the older fords that you would want ( 83-87 ) well theres plagued with uhh ford engine bay geometry...... febg and that means some one was playing tetrus when they were putting in all the gobs and bits every thing is jammed to the passanger side.... witch i mean aint bad if your doin a small forced induction system but its gonna be hard to get to anything on the right side and your not gonna wanna do a turbo with the stack header/s ( if you get a real motor((5.0)) but if you get a 5.0 just super charge it eather way your gonna have to use forged pistons in it so go for the easyer route and do a supercharger

posted by  chillmiller

A 5.slow? Really?

posted by  Satty101

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