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I have an 89 sunbird 2L 4cyl Manual non turbo 201 xxx,
i dont drive it much since having to replace the heater core and that was a weird shape, so much so that the bottom piece of the HVAC will not fit on, SO BEWARE, New heater cores dont fit the old style of mount, you will have to use an old one without breaking the plasic spigots good luck .

The problem started yesterday, it recently got cold here (only -15 to -20) and i went to start the car, all was fine, i went to shift into first gear, well i couldnt move the stick to begin with so i figured it was frozen, i let it warm up for another 10 - 15 min then tried again, this time i was able to free it somewhat and switch from 3 - 4 gear, but no side movements whatsoever.
I let it warm up for another 15min, just playing around with the gears hoping to warm it up somewhat by friction, no dice, still cant move it left or right from N.

i have ran a heater and the heater core for over half a day and tried and still got the same results.

I've never ran into or heard of this before aside from frozen gears (once again its not that cold yet)

does anybody have any suggestions or tips?


posted by  cowman85

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