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So you clicked i see well i would not be posting if i didn't need help
and oh i do i have a goal and i plan to reach it now its not a very high goal... ok enough of this hears the deal

i have a 91 ranger 3.0 auto 2x4 supercab xlt

the truck is sound every thing is perfect on it
it has over 250k miles

now as for parts by the way money is no option
(to a point wanna keep it road legal and under 4000usd)
and here is what i was able to dig off the net


564.25 rough country lift kit 4"
500 set of used 30" x 10" tires

289.98 air intake
150 pusar plugs
59.95 z-maxx/px3
39.99 vortec cyclone

power gain
10-14hp air intake
18.75hp plugs
9-15hp z-maxx/px3
10 hp vortec cyclone


cost 1313.88

hp 55.75 or so

now i know im gonna need breaks and some more stuff
but thats where you come in

i want more hp

so if you cna think of things that will give me that and give me the hp back that i have lost from it just working then fire away with links please like actuall page links

posted by  chillmiller

The first thing is do not waste your money on the items you have listed. If you put the truck on a dyno both before and after you added the parts I suspect you would see only a very small total gain maybe 5HP or less.

What is you main goal? More acceleration? ability to go off road? take a good look at what you are wanting to do with the truck and then make the needed changes to suit your needs.

$3000 is a very tight budget if the plans include: a lift, bigger tires, More HP and general maintenance. You may want to do this build in stages over a few months or years. This should be able to increase your budget and allow you to do more to it. With 250k on the engine a rebuild may even be in the cards.... and if you need to do that and you want more power an engine swap may be a route to look.

posted by  corbett_auto

my goal... well its a 4 stage thing really is it restore the hp o lost over the ageing of the truck... thats where the z maxx and px3 come in oil boosters they wount gve me alot of hp but they will at least get me back to the stock 145...

now also because im not running a very high cp ratio i can remove..( already have) most of the emition < sp? stuff

stage 2... is i want alteast 200 bhp ( witch the stock tires...)
now the reason i want the 200 bhp with the stock tires is
is im adding 30x10.5s thats... really gonna end up droping me to... i dont know 180

im really goin for a prerunner set up i.e 2wd off roading ( more skill )

stage 3 is the lift and tires ( and brakes )

not much to say rough country i have putt these systems in alot of trucks rangeing from little s-10's ( the worst!!! chevy blows) to brand new titans < pretty fun

and rc is the best band for buck and unless your doin hard core climbs running thick clay mud or jumpin the thing you dont need to be a pro welder to put them on

then that just leaves tires and brakes

witch actually pays off for me a set of bigger brakes and such are needed

but alot of people look that over hence they get a wrecked truck

as for tires i can find a set with 1/2 or more tread on crags list for under 500

stage 4 ( back to the motor ) ok what is a motor other than a big air pump now if you look in a stock 3.0 ranger 1991 you will see that the air box and hose is constricting i know this you know this i have fitted a uhhh hell cant remember the name.. a wind speed gauge to it and well its not very pretty at full throttle i was sucking in air at a very low speed and it was very irregular poping and dropping alot and thats because od the way the hose is shaped it has lots of rips in it
the cyclone thing.... well its 40 bucks andi have put them in some trucks and shown low numbers ranging from 2-10 hp now really i can make it and save.... 40 bucks but what ever ya know ( you do have to tweak them things bit when you install them because the why there bent at the end makes them ya spin the air alot but also makes it hold back the air making less power

as for the plugs pulsar spark plugs in my old mustang 84 5.0 gt 350
i was runnin bosh triple platinum ( along with alot of exra mods )

and with them i was doin 650 bhp.... then a buddy of mine told me about these saying that they made 2.5 hp per cylinder so i put that to the test on pump gas 93 octane <<<< if you dont use 93 octane then your a moron) i made 23 extra hp and with alittle bit of tweaking ( putting a box full of dry ice in front of the fan on the dyno and bringing room temp down to 65f ) and then indexng the plugs properly i made 694bhp
you can feel it

now as for stuff that dont cost much or anything

well cleaning it all up would be good and im gonna do that before i put any mods on taking out alot of the epa stuff and trying to get back the 145 the motor rolled off the showroom floor with, if not alittle more before the mods

i am looking in to headers and tbodys bigger injectors ect ect ect but i mean if you can find me some things that will make it better then pictures links names give em out

as for rebuild or motor swap well down the line i have to motor ( its blown) but im gonna totaly build it to suite my needs then im gonna do 4x4 and sas then a 6in lift and even bigger tires but thats down the road alittle

posted by  chillmiller

It does sound like you have it all planed out. But it just seems like a waste of effort to add power adders to an old/tired engine. Kind of like force feeding Viagra to an 80 year old man.

I'm interested in what others think..... but I'd recommend you spend the $3000 on the engine swap. Something simple for now, and then as time and money allow slowly add on all the other goodies. It may save from unexpected break downs in the near future.

Just my two cents. :2cents:

posted by  corbett_auto

I'd agree. Spend the money on a new engine instead of power adders. It's worthless. 3.0s are decent, 4.0 is better. V8 is better. Since I could tell you think Ford is top dog, here's a good one:

http://store.summitracing.com/partdetail.asp?part=FMS-M-6007-S58&autoview=s ku

Ofcourse, you can also get a used engine with low miles from a totaled truck/car, but you never know how the engine was treated and such. But an Engine swap should DEFINETLY be first on the list of mods.

posted by  Satty101

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