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i recently bought a 2009 pontiac vibe, and paid a little extra for the 2.4L rather than the 1.8L (of course, im not expecting to outrun a vette with that or anything, it was simply so i wouldn't get my ass run over getting on I40). But.... being used to driving v10s rather than the washing-machine-esque thing that's in my ride... i want something faster. Im not talking new car here, more along the lines of new engine. i really dont know that much about engine performance or replacement, so i was wondering if i could get a little input on what would be the best options for extra hp and speed. (Any input on cost would be awesome as well :2cents: )

posted by  K pontiacgirl L

You may (or may not?) be surprised to know the engine in your Pontiac is actually a Toyota. Its a Toyota 2AZ-FE engine like in the Scion TC.

There is a supercharger available from TRD for Toyota/Scion 2.4l engine. Go to your nearest Toyota dealer that carries TRD performance and ask real nicely if they can help you.

Guesstimated cost: $3500+

posted by  Ronin

thanks, that actually does make a lot of sense. i've noticed that smaller parts are manufactured by the same company, and the matrix along with most scions operate about the same way. didn't know that about the engine thou, coolness.

posted by  K pontiacgirl L

If you are just starting out i think it would be best to with the basics first;

-synthetic oils with additives
-air intake
-ignition, wires and plugs
-power chip/programmer

you CANNOT go wrong with these, it will only increase your engine efficiency when tuned properly, if you still do not have what you desire then look into the bigger upgrades.

superchargers etc are expensive and require certain maintenance to run well for a long time that most people have no idea about.
If you just starting out go cheap and learn that way, besides i'm sure everything i've mentioned above is still cheaper than a supercharger!!!!
these options(depending on how your comp is tuned) you will even increase your fuel mileage!

If you are unsure about this stuff just stop by a partsource or performance shop and speak to a person with experience and i dont mean the kid with glasses and pimples who runs daddy's vet on the weekend, it seems to be happening more and more...

Good Luck :thumbs:

posted by  cowman85

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