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I own a 1999 Pontiac Sunfire, and was wondering if anyone else on this site has any decent looking Sunfire's, Grand Prix's, Grand Am's or Cavalier's out there. I just seen one the other day and it made me laugh so hard I almost crapped myself (no, really, a 4-foot Japanese aluminum wing on a Sunfire??? And a few months before that, seen an older Sunbird with almost the same gay wing on it. I'm almost positive that there's a sale on gay spoiler wings in Wisconsin:screwy: :banghead: :laughing: ).

posted by  caioneach9

Try they usually have a nice version of just about anytihng. I know locally we have a GP GXP (or whatever the supercharged one is) that runs HARD, and a turbo Grand Am as well. Sunfire wise, I believe the Cavalier was built on the same platform and there are a few running around with the Cobalt SS SC/TC swaps, if that counts for anything haha.

posted by  newyorker

I have a 98 GP GTP (supercharged). Not much to speak of. All stock, but I really enjoy it and it does a great job of hauling the family.

posted by  corbett_auto

I have a really nice Cavalier Z24. Doesn't have much of anything on it yet but once summer rolls around I may splurge on a better sound system. I never thought much of Cavaliers until now that I have one. It's the most sold car in Quebec where I live and I don't like having what every body else has! But there aren't that many Z24s around, as I've noticed, and it drives like a breeze. Power everything, cruise, ABS brakes (very useful in ice and snow land), sun roof and it doesn't start shaking like it's going to explode when you go over 120km on the highway like my old Golf. Very happy with it. I just don't quite understand why the 60y/o + woman who sold it to me was doing with it in the first place. From the millage it had it looks like she just used it to drive to the grocery. And not a speck of rust since she never drove it in winter.


posted by  clueless_mech

Damn, I knew things would go downhill after I moved. Haha, oh well.

posted by  Satty101

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