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anybody have any info on the cars and driveline that came with these? i am looking into swapping out my 350 for one in my 2wd p/u but i imagine they are kinda rare. i know they were in the camaros and firebirds but i imagine there is a lot more specifics i do not know. Anyone knowledgeable here?

posted by  cowman85

I think maybe some Corvettes might have used them. Early 80s...84-88 maybe? As far as I know that was strictly an F-body driveline. I've been wrong before though..

posted by  Satty101

why this motor in particular? it's not really anything special. the only real difference (afaik) w/ the tpi 305 & 350 cars were injector ratings and the block and heads aren't anything particularly unique. it's a pretty common swap. the only thing that makes it interesting is the tpi, and w/ all the neat fi options available to us these days, it's not really desirable as it used to be. my coworker had a tpil98 in his 88 shortbed p/u. the only thing he did to swap back to tbi after having issues w/ an intake gasket and blaming the whole tpi system for his misdiagnosis is swap the intake and computer. for more info, you should go to a thirdgen website...

posted by  dodger65

I love the look of the TPI and the torque is high for that setup, not to mention i think the LT1 would be quite a bit more expensive. Although i love the sound of a decent 4bbl carb fuel economy is notorious so i figure i would step it up, not to mention the very unique of the TPI. They put out around 220-245 hp stock but I have heard of good blocks that put out nearly 275, even heard a little over 300 with headers(these both include accessories).

I have never done a motor swap and only done water pumps etc to my old chev (80 c2500), this engine sounds like it would be a decent and fairly inexpensive upgrade from what i can find, the only problem is actually locating a decent used engine(hopefully the wreckers). But i would definitely be open to options if someone know of something better since i am just learning about gear ratio's etc.
I do know that i drive quite a bit and my last chev was a pig, 80L for a trip from edmonton to calgary! the truck was quick but not that quick, so a switch to injection is more than welcome for me.

posted by  cowman85

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