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Hi All,
My wife has a 99 Plymouth Breeze that started having problems that I cant nail down. We have had the car since 2004, and no problems. At 88000 miles the car has been experiencing a vibration that i first thought was motor mounts. I have checked the plugs, wires, cleaned the throttle body, ran injector cleaner and high octane gas thru the engine, and belts, and cannot get anywhere. I did notice a change after I cleaned the throttle body and injectors but that was only for a day. The next day, back to the old vibration. Now this is noticeable during idle as well as driving down the road, which i belive eliminates tranny,wheels,bearings,cv joints, etc. I know somebody has had to have experienced something like this, maybe not a breeze, but a newer computer controlled FI car. Please help!

posted by  jmask99

have you found the problem yet or?
if you havent, is your car stuttering when its idleing, or when going a certain speed?

posted by  ashleybert

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