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i wonder if any body would know if 15" wheels from a 1985 ram charger would fit on a 1991 merc. marq. with 15"wheels.

posted by  ray111111

Probably not. Different companies use different stup patterns. I know a few GMs and Subarus use the 5x100 pattern. Between old dodge trucks and less old Ford (Mercury) cars, I'd highly doubt they'd fit.

posted by  Satty101

Probably not. Different companies use different stup patterns.--agree

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posted by  jingobtg

The MERCURY has a 4-1/4" Bolt pattern

The Dodge Ram has a 5-1/2" Bolt pattern

Here is a list that has the pattern to fit the Mercury with a 4-1/4" circle:

1992-90 DODGE - Monaco

1992-88 EAGLE - Premier LINCOLN - Continental

1999-86½ FORD -Taurus

1997-89 Thunderbird,

1996-95 Windstar

1992-86½ Taurus

1992-89 MERCURY - Cougar, Montego, Marquis

1992-86½ Sable

1996-90 PLYMOUTH - Laser (some 4 1/2")

posted by  corbett_auto

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