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I have a weird thing happening with my Crown Victoria LTD... I have tried so many thing to fix I have given up.

When Shifting into Rev or Drive the RPM drop low... sometimes enough to stall. This is even worst when turning while shifting. The other problem is when slowing down / braking the RPM will go up and down by a couple 100 RPM, making the car shake. Sometimes when at a complete stop ( ONLY WHEN ITS WARM OUT ) it will start with its funny RPM games and stall.

I've checked the tranny, computer, spark plugs, throttle body and vacume lines...

Any idea please help... lol

Ford Crown Victoria LTD 1990 Fuel Injected 302 5.0 L Auto Tranny.

posted by  cpchase

Sounds like a bad vacuum leak. Maybe even a busted diaphragm in the brake booster. Hook a vacuum pump to the booster and see if it can hold a vacuum.

posted by  corbett_auto

ok will check that... maybe Idle Air Control ?

posted by  cpchase

I also found it but it is not actually mistake, in my concern its due to spare parts which actually not fit for the car model........

posted by  jklasd

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