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I'm just curious to know how much effort and money it would take to put a 5.0 ohv into my truck. If I did I'd stick to the automatic, replace it with whatever best suits the package, but get a 2.73 rear end for some good gas mileage.

posted by  99integra

Dude...f*ck the gas mileage. But if you insist at least put some 3.55's back there.

Of course I have experience with the 302 engine, but I've never swapped it into a Ranger. 2 guys race Rangers at the track I go to. They know each other..and they both got their transmissions from Lincolns...that's all I remember. V8-to-Ranger is really popular...I suggest you GOOGLE IT.

Aside from that I'd suggest you inquire about emissions in your area. I've heard Florida was lax but you never know.

From my personal experience with 5.0 Fords, I'd suggest you avoid speed density cars. Converting to mass air isn't hard, but you want skip as many hang-ups as possible. If you have higher performance goals in mind search forums for people who couldn't complete their projects and are parting out their car. It's a recession, there are a bunch of them.

I f*cked up and wasted alot of money on my build..I would like to feed you back-and-forth but EVERYTIME I WRITE SOMETHING ON THIS FORUM I am reminded that my account was built-to-self-delete.



posted by  What..WHAT?

I just want to be able to have a fun little V8 that I grew up with to tool around in the truck, not too worry bout how fast she'll go. Appreciate the help though What. Didn't really think it mattered if it was a Lincoln tranny or a Ford one its just the same.

posted by  99integra

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