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Hope someone out there can assist me ?

Have a 1986 Ford t-bird, ELAN Model

I want to touch up paint on the rear bumper

The color code in the door jam is unreadable

The bumber is gray in color

Any idea what the paint code is ?

Thank You

posted by  DrDisk

Wouldn't there also be a paint code in the engine compartment?

posted by  BavarianWheels

Are you looking for the paint color that is the body of the car, or the paint for the grey rub strip on the T bird?

The flat grey trim color for that T-bird is PPG number 33717. As for the body color, if it's metallic, that could be 1B (M5874A Medium Charcoal Poly), 1G (M6214A Lt Smoke poly), 1V (M6117A Titanium Poly). If it's non-metallic, it could be 1K (M6062A Smoke.) is it metallic or solid? Is it a basecoat/clearcoat, or a single stage (you should be able to tell if there is a clear coat on it).

posted by  ChrisV

Thank You Bav and Chris ...

Bav, could not find a paint code in engine compartment ...

Chris, was looking for the Grey rub strip....

Thank You

posted by  DrDisk

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