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Got a 4.6L Northstar V8... Just curious if going for top speed in [3] gear rather then [OD] would alow me to go over the 205 KMPH it shuts off at.... Just curious.

posted by  cpchase


posted by  vwhobo

Well thats what I though. Sorry if thats a dumb question lmao... I have never had speed or rev limiter before and its really buggin me... my buddy had me convinced that if I max 3rd and shift into OD I could over come the limiter... normally I'd just go do it but the snow just fell, not the really the safest conditions.

posted by  cpchase

Not really the safest conditions?

What race track do you normally make your top speed runs on where the conditions are safe? Of course you wouldn't do it on the public roadways, because that would always be dangerous, not to mention illegal. And of course, that would also be incredibly stupid.

You're not stupid, are you? Do tell...

posted by  vwhobo

Dont you worry grand-pa... I'm not one of those meat-heads speeding on public roads. But once and awhile I'll hit me buddys ol' farm road... surprisingly smooth straing road... Hit a pot hole once though that screwed up an old car we were driving the crap out of.

posted by  cpchase

I agree with hobo...... and can not help but say this sarcastically:

"Yep, hitting a pothole at 205 MPH will not cause a catastrophic outcome."

If you want to override the limiter, just have your ECM re-flashed.

posted by  corbett_auto

Let's see little fella. You're the one who wants to make top speed runs with a Cadillac Sedan Deville, and you're the one who has an old lady's Crown Vic as your avatar, but I'm the one who's "grand-pa"? You've got some real performance machines there for the octogenarian crowd. Maybe it makes it easier for you to find a girlfriend who wears Depends… It give you something in common.

Besides the fact that you don't have the intelligence to spell a word that people of my generation learned to spell in second grade, you seem to have a thing for grannymobiles. Probably because that's the only thing Mommy and Daddy will let you drive. You should be real proud of yourself. Come on back when you reach puberty and have a car of your own. We’ll talk then.

BTW, to do a speed run like that you’d need about a mile of straight paved road, give or take a little. I know a lot of farmers and a lot of them have private access roads, but I don’t know any that meet all three requirements. Straight, paved and a mile long. My guess is that your "buddys ol' farm road" is really a public road and you aren’t even smart enough to know it. I just hope that when you have the “big wreck” you only take yourself out. It’ll help clean up the gene pool.

I think he wants us to believe his "buddys ol' farm road" looks like Maxton. I also think he's a moron.

posted by  vwhobo

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