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I am looking to find the previous ownership history of my vehicle: 2008 Pontiac G6 Sedan, VIN 1G2ZG57B884202259. I had purchased this vehicle in July 2009 with 19000 miles. I now have 42000 mainly highway miles on it. I recently had the vehicle serviced and was alerted by my mechanic that there was some unusual wear on the outer edge of the tires. An alignment check showed that the alignment was out of specification on all four corners. A four wheel alignment procedure was performed. Now the right side front and rear are within specifications, but the front left caster and rear left camber are at the high and low end, respectively, of specifications. I suspect previous abuse has damaged the suspension on the left side, but there are no physical signs.

posted by  maddog

Your car has 19 previous records found. Go to

posted by  99integra

I was wondering if any members have a subscription to the vehicle history databases and could run a report for me.

posted by  maddog

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