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Hey guys. I have a 1999 chevy cavalier with a 2.2L throttlebody. i was wondering if any1 would have any suggestions on how to increase the horsepower for pretty cheap. by cheap i mean like under $200 U.S.

posted by  metalhead1039

New air filter and/or exhaust.

posted by  abless

exhausts aren't that cheap are they?

posted by  metalhead1039

Get a K&N Fuel Injection Performance Kit (FIPK) Generation II. These are great and run about $200. For my Jeep they say increases of up to 26HP.

posted by  Voda48

Exahust is probably your best bet a nice 2.5" free flow system will run you maybe a lil over 200 but your going to get what you pay for with only 200. I was buying lil pieces for my car, and then said the hell with it and started saving money and then bought a 2.2 GM motor for my 91 gt escort, then sold that, but beside that point save your money and get something bigger take the 200 and save and just buy a super charger:) I love those

posted by  Derb

Well unfortunately the gm 2.2 isn't a good candidate for performance mods(except for a supercharger...but that's more than $200)...As far as exhaust systems go...2.5" is WAY too big for an internally stock 2.2L....If you get a free flowing 2.25" muffler and have your resonator removed, as well as a K&N air filter you should pick up a few ponies and really boost throttle response.... Depending on where you go, you may be able to find a place that will slap a straight-through muffler and remove your resonator for around 150-200 and k&n air filters are in the ball park of 40-65 on average. K&N air filters don't give as much hp as people think...the numbers the company lists are the best results they've been able to achieve....they don't specify what engine they ran their tests on or if it was stock or modified...

My advice...go to a local speed shop and order a Dyno-Max bullet style muffler(shouldn't cost you more than 40-60 bucks) or something equivalent...stay away from cheap glass-packs.

a muffler shop shouldn't charge more than 70 bucks to install your supplied muffler and probably another 25 or so to remove your resonator...if you want a big exhaust tip...expect to pay more for something that does nothing for you.

Good luck!

posted by  Sick88Tbird

Thank You Evry1
this will help a lot

posted by  metalhead1039

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