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There's a regulator in my Pontiac Sunfire, does anyone know anyways of fixing this?

Also, I was wondering if there were any modifications I could make to my 1997 Pontiac Sunfire GT 2.4 L, I-4, 5-speed manual,...err...that's all the basic car info I can think of, if you need more info before you can tell me just ask.

posted by  Draco Affectus

what kind of regulator?
window regulator ? Fuel Regulator

also you can always turbocharge it

posted by  RichG

I meant the kind of regulator that limits my speed. I want to be able to drive faster.

posted by  Draco Affectus

ahh the governor no clue

posted by  starfish

Top speed limiters can usually be removed with a super chip...but remember, the limiter is there for a reason. The tires that came stock on your car aren't safe past that speed, so if you plan on going faster, get some high speed rated tires.

posted by  Turbocoupe27

that is part of the computer, the only way you can bypass that is to get a chip, or maybe unhook your speedo cable from your tranny

posted by  RichG

Get an intake, headers, and a Hiflow Cat

posted by  Mbanks21

Sorry dude, the only "regulator" that limits your top speed in your Sunfire is a lack of power.

Although I'm sure there are some out there, I'm unaware of any real high performance parts for the Quad-4. Maybe you should stick with a fart cannon and some neon.

posted by  vwhobo

I should have said,

Work with suspension first, youl need to be able to get the power to the wheels safely. better wheels not neccesarely large but just better, Lighter wider. maybe full coil overs, the spring/shock built to go togethur, they work a a bit better than buying a shock from one company and a spring from another. then maybe get strut tower bars sway bars ect ect.
Then work on your engine first things to get would be, intake, exhaust "full exhaust, a good exhaust manifold along with a catback exhaust or wahtever they call it. then cam gears and maybe cams.

posted by  Arthur

There are no chips, or pcm upgrades. For mods go to, or They got tons of shit for j-bodies. There is a way to hook up a switch to remove your speed limiter, but when the switch is fliped your tranny will also loose its feed from the pcm and could f up your car. I got a 99 gt and love it even though it cuts at somewere between 105 and 108. It sucks but what were you expecting when ya bought it, a race car? RSM racing makes a sc kit and pcm wich removes speed limiter, and sets rev limits hoigher or removed completely depending on what stage you get. Im all rsm so trust me its good shit

posted by  sunfire gti

Your car is garbage, and i got a 99 sunfire gt that will smoke you. my new 3800 SC converted 2001 sunfire gt will smoke ya worse. Thats right 3800 SUPERCHARGED!!!! Tell me I got a lack of power beeaatch!!! Stage 6 regeal gs conversion on it with a 150 shot of nos.

posted by  sunfire gti

hate to say it sunfire fool, but this poster left over a year ago.


posted by  SuperJew

yay for attacking someone with an argument that has nothing to do with the topic at hand

except... it's not at hand BECAUSE THIS THREAD WAS DEAD
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posted by  asa67_stang

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