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aight, a friend of mine finally decided to get a Camaro (or atleast its the current option) instead of a CR-X with an engine swap (thank God), i kinda had to threaten him so he would stop looking at CR-X's. anyhow, im more into the import scene myself, though into better cars than Honduh's (no offence :P). j/k. i know my share of the domestic automobile world, but not enough to be 101% sure to give my friend all the help he will need. i convinced him into getting one of those very nice late 1980's Camaros, the ones that came with the infamous IROC package. anyhow, this is the thing..... i know its a very popular choice to either put even better engines into these cars, like those kickass 350's that produce alot of power, or a calm engine and supercharge it, since i wouldnt let him have a kickass engine and supercharge it (hes only going to turn 16, n this is a man's car we r talking about, n he has proven that he cant handle THAAAAAAT much power).

so heres the plan, i would like to know wat r the popular kick ass engines that can be found for a relatively cheap price, n it would be even better if it wasnt complete, as i plan to have it rebuilt personally with a domestic fan friend of mine, and please, no "kick ass 6,000hp Hemi engine!" krap. be realistic and no half-assed comments.

second, any mild and "ordinary" engines, as in no exaggerated stuff, that dont mind getting supercharged and can get some decent power sucked out of them.

third, anyone with experiences with the stock engine, but i dont like it since its a fuel hog.

those r the ones i would like some info on, and as for characteristics looked for: ATLEAST moderately good gas mileage (no 13mpg krap), reliable, lasts a nice amount of miles (ATLEAST 100k miles), around 400-470hp tops (on both cases, wether its NA or supercharged), and that can actually pass emissions :P (im not in Cali, so its not as strict).

oh yea, one more thing, a good manual tranny that can get hooked up to the engine of choice n doesnt give any problems, or atleast no major ones with proper use n care.

thats all i can think o fnow, n i appreciate those that will trully help out with this n give positive feedback. thanks :)

posted by  Inygknok

If you havent introduced youself then it might be an idea to.

Well the V6 IROC's are infamous for problems, well over here anyway. The thing to ask is ho much money is in the budget for the car to start with and the mods? I think you would be better off with a 350 and not charging it. Remember that as soon as you add power to the car then you should upgrade the brakes acordingly be it a set of vented discs or parachutes you need to be able to stop.

Its a fact of life the bigger the engine the more fuel it will use. If you have a supercharger then most drink like fishes.

How do cars survive in your climate, is it your regular rust and rot shop or nice and dry?

A TA might be another idea, I think it would be best to sit on your hands until you have really reserched what your letting yourself in for.

posted by  cinqyg

my friend doesnt want a V6, he wants a V8 (thought it was obvious). anyhow, i introduced myself within the first few minutes that i made my account, u should go n have a look. ok, third, he wouldnt be running max boost all day long. im a turbo person myself, n i know how superchargers work but i have always wondered how u lower n raise their boost settings with an electronic controller, if any is available for superchargers, or if its all just done with the pulley. i know bout the more fuel more air krap, i run a turbo myself, but i just lower the levels to even lower than stock for city cruising :P.

anyhow, the brakes thing, it was obvious. my supra doesnt like those pep boys brakes (which is why im getting some Rotoras cuz brembos aint in my price range). i need info engine and transmission wise, not the other obvious stuff :P, but thx anyways.

posted by  Inygknok

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