1996 Grand Prix GTP (non supercharger) vs. 1999 Ford ZX2

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Who do you think would win
(both are automatic)
and both are stock
-i have the escort zx2 and my friend has the GTP i've been in both cars when they are floored...they arn't necessarly something to brag about as far as speed but he has this thing in his head that his is faster...and every he floors it is seeming slow. I personally think my ZX2 can beat it.

posted by  Lilhuff11

race them and find out!!!

posted by  RichG

racing is always a good way to find out :D

posted by  starfish

A Relative of Mine owns a 2000 Grand Prix GT and I have driven it many times and i must report that i have raced it against more powerful cars than an ZX2 and I won no Problem :twisted: I must say that The Pontiac is a much better car because i have ridden in a ZX2 and there is no Comparison 8)

posted by  sparke

Lets look at the stats: The GTP has a 3.4 DOHC, 220hp, about the same amount of torque, and weighs roughly 3350lbs. Your Escort has ( if my memory serves me correctly) a 2.0 DOHC, with about 130hp and 125-130 lb/ft of torque, and probably weighs around 2700lbs. Sorry, he's got ya beat on this one. The quickest posted 1/4 mile time I've seen for the GTP is a 15 flat. The quickest ZX2 i've seen ran it in 15.8, and that one was a manual.

posted by  ZWerks7

I say the Grand Prix, just because teh zx2 is weak

posted by  Conc3pt

I am not saying that the zx2 would win, but it is all about how you race your car. And the GTP model does not always mean that it has the 3.4 DOHC in it. Plus who ever said it has 215 hp is full of shit, stock they do, but that's brand new. I bet you he is not making 200, if he even has the 3.4 in it. Plus a zx2 only weighs about 2500 lbs not 2700 . And who ever made the note about the 99 Grand Prix, completly different style and design, so dont talk. And the Grand Prix if its a 2-door weighs almost 3200 lbs. Weight makes a huge difference, not unless we are talking a high speed race, but if you are talking 1/4 mile I would say it would be damn close!

posted by  zx2 angel

Sorry, kid, I think you're talking to an empty room, so to speak. If you notice the date on the prior post, the last one dates back to mid-april. Apologies, but this thread's pretty well dead. :ohcrap:

posted by  Patrick

Dead post or not, it never ceases to amaze me how stupid some people are.......GTP with n/a 3.4's, no never.....if it's a GTP, its a 3.8L pushrod engine with a supercharger...if it's not supercharged, it's not a GTP.....GT's are the ones that had the 3.4dohc. :cussing:

posted by  Sick88Tbird

I have a 92 z34 with a 3.4 dohc in it. the car is 12 years old and dynoed at 225 hp with 205 lb/t so year doesnt matter. and as for a 96 gtp all gtp's from 95 up came with superchargers. Also i have straight up wiped zx2's with my z34.

posted by  1quikz34

yeah, that sounds about right to me....the good news is that your '92 Z34 has low 13 sec capability with the right parts. Get yourself a set of headers, a 3" down-pipe with a high flow cat, 3" intermediate pipe going into 2.25" duals with performance mufflers of your choosing and you'll be making some serious power. Add a custom cold air intake to the mix and you'll be able to sneak up on new mustang GT's and punch their lights out before they even realize what happened.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

ive already put a few of the mustangs to sleep. they are really slow that 4.6 aint nothing without its supercharger.

posted by  1quikz34

The 4.6 DOHC 32v motor is nice. Right now it's at 310hp N/A.

posted by  thunderbird1100

The 4.6's are great motors if you know how to drive them......a stock 5-speed GT(with air intake silencer removed) can run mid-13's if the driver knows what he's doing. Most people have a tendency to just dump the clutch with not much more than 2500rpm and that's not goin to get you off the line very well. take off with 4000rpm and a slipping clutch and make a good power-shift to 2nd at about 6000rpm and you'll be flyin'. '99 up auto GT's are good for mid-to low 14's bone stock.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

I know this thread is kinda old and all, but when I read this I just had to make an account and post a reply. 96 GTPs never had a supercharger, EVER. They had 3.4 DOHC in them. And GTs still have the 3800 just not supercharged. SO yeah,

posted by  96GTP

That's funny, I have walked away from several Grand Prix GT's in my MTX 2000 ZX2 (even going uphill). Also for those of you that say that the ZX2 is weak: Why are you guys comparing a V6 to an I4? Maybe because this particular car is pretty quick, for a 4 cylinder...

posted by  my2000zx2

Here's my vote : They both are pretty slow high 15 second cars :)

posted by  thunderbird1100

What's even funnier :laughing: is that I walked away from a '00 ZX2 in a P.O.S. saturn 4-door piece of econotrash(friends moms car)...granted the weeney little saturn was a 5-speed but it pales in comparison with the GP. Keep the bullsh!t rollin' man, I've got my chest waders on. :smoke:

posted by  Sick88Tbird

Are you sure the other guy/girl was even racing? My Z is a 5-speed with quite a few bolt on modifications (CAI, headers, catback, superchip, pulleys, eibach springs, potenza rubber). I know it's a middle of the pack car but it's definitely no slouch. And for the $11k that I paid for it new, it's an awesome deal. I have run neck and neck with the 3.5 altimas and have dusted many civics and acuras. As for Pontiacs and Saturns, I don't waste my gas on them anymore....

posted by  my2000zx2

yup they were racing...it had one of those big goofy assed fart cans on it with a body kit, but it SOUNDED like an auto. The saturn I was in was a 5-speed...must have been my masterful use the clutch that gave me the victory :clap:

posted by  Sick88Tbird

With those mods I see it would put you in the 160-165hp category...around low-mid 15s...Which 3.5 Altimas (new 250hp ones?) were you racing? The manual ones do mid-high 14s and the auto ones low low 15s. I can see you maybe 'hanging' with an auto...but a manual, not even a close race. Also be more specific when you say 'Acura' (which Acuras?...TL's, Integras?)

You might want to retract the 'Ive given up racing Pontiacs and Saturns' just because you raced a pos 110hp saturn and pos 180hp pontiac...The Saturn Ion Redline and even maybe the Vue Redline (their SUV powered by a Honda engine) will gladly probably give you a spankin. Not to mention the s/c'ed Grand Prix GTP or the GXP. And as for the GTO, well, you get the picture, goodbye.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Okay dude. Lets put this into perspective. I have beaten several Integras and a couple of Grand AM GTs. The Altima race took place a little over a year ago and actually caught me by surprise (they don't look very sporty to me). When I refer to a specific make of a car I am talking about comparable models. This is why I will not race a GTO even if I had forced induction. That would be like someone trying to race an SVT Cobra in a Cavalier (c'mon now). You never know though, the other guy could have missed a shift or was afraid to push his vehicle. Also, why is it that so many domestic car enthusiasts seem to have such a beef with the ZX2? Its bad enough that the ricers do this, so please tell why you guys do it?

posted by  my2000zx2

Yeah well, Integras all had 140hp or below....given it wasnt a GS-R or ITR, in which would kill you.

posted by  thunderbird1100

it's not the ZX2...it's just when every domestic 4-cyl 2-door car aspires to be like the imports with the wings/body kits/euro lights/fart can mufflers it pisses domestic fans off...it pisses the import fans off too because they don't want some jackass trying to make his domestic like an import. Imports get credit for starting the craze with big rims, flashy paint jobs, huge wings, etc.(domestic cars should get the credit[thank God they don't], anybody looked at the Pro Street class of the '80's and early '90's?) The earlier Pro Street days consisted of flashy paint jobs, huge wings, tubbed cars, 31" slicks, and they still weren't fast..high 12's-high 13's were common.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

I think we can acredit the huge wings to the Superbird :)

posted by  thunderbird1100

yeah, the difference is though, that wing was funtional...keeping the rear planted when seeing speeds upwards of 190....but joe schmoe's bone stock 95 neon and billy bob's 89 4-cyl cavalier with 300k miles and one 20" chrome wheel and a fart can doesn't need a huge wing...or anything bigger than a factory installed spoiler or it looks super goofy.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

Whoa, back the train up! I have NEVER aspired to be like the import crowd. My car looks stock except for the 16 inch rims that I added. That's right, no huge wing, no body kit, no fart can muffler, and no stupid looking hood. Go ahead, check it out: http://www.geocities.com/my2000zx2/ZX2Med.JPG The car sounds nice and is a pleasure to drive every day. Try saying that about your nine second V8 that will blow your eardrums if you drove without hearing protection.

posted by  my2000zx2

actually, there is no way to make a 4-banger sound "good". No matter what muffler you use, it's either going to sound like a fart or a wet fart(a.k.a.-flowmaster:the poor mans performance muffler). And just so you know, I've been in low-10 sec mustangs(fox-body) that could be considered a "pleasure" to drive...the only difference is they could wheel-stand off the line while you sit there sh!tting your pants wondering what just happened. the 10 second zone isn't that difficult to obtain with the right car and parts combination-and 9's are just a step away. My point is that sound is really not an important thing when you're fast...if your not fast, there is no sense in drawing attention to yourself.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

I disagree on the fact it's impossible to make a four banger sound good. To me, most V-8's sound farty...V-6 sound is by far my absolute favorite (especially my VG30DETT, best sounding V-6 on earth :) ). I love the sound of bigger Honda motors on GOOD exhausts (h series, f series, k series). I had a turbo h22a and it sounded NOTHING like the smaller four banger motors (had nice deep melow). My exhaust was all custom bent piping though. 3" DP, high flow cat, 2.5" Y-pipe (2) 4" turbo N-1 mufflers. Gave it a great sound.

posted by  thunderbird1100

This is all a matter of opinion. People don't have to have the fastest car in the world to draw attention to themselves. You really need to get out of this pissing contest attitude especially seeing how you don't have a single car on your website that even resembles something fast...

posted by  my2000zx2

ok..for starters. you need to realize that a GTP w/o a supercharger is just a GT. and also. do you really think that a zx2 could beat a grand prix? my dad has a 01 zx2 and my brother has a GTP. there is no possible way that the zx2 could win? your little zx2 has a 4cylinder. and nothing more. the grand prix has a 3.4 v-6. w/o the supercharger it can still manage 0-60 in about 7.5 seconds. so I dont think so. :screwy:

posted by  GTPkid

Okay, time to peek your heads out of the cave and see what's really going on in the world: http://www.zx2ms.com/albums/movie/Darius_run01.mpg

Also, I have no problem getting my 5-speed ZX2 to 60 in less than 7 seconds. The flat torque curve is what really sets the ZX2 apart form the other four cylinders. Check out a ZX2 SR beating a Camaro: http://www.zx2ms.com/albums/movie/MOV00231.mpeg

posted by  my2000zx2

the gtp has a 200 hp 3.4 V6 3300lb or 16.500 lb/hp
early gt has a 140 hp 3.1 V6 3300lb or 23.571 lb/hp
later gt has a 160 hp 3.1 V6 3300lb or 20.625 lb/hp
the zx2 has a 130 hp 2.0 I4 2500lb or 19.231 lb/hp

these are facts look at them the lower the number the faster it is. for you zx2 i can beat a GTP because i've beaten a GT your a fool if i've read one. because they arent the same engine or even the same power look you have a weight to power advantage to boath early and later 90 to 96 Grand Prix GTs. it's fact i'll give you that you'll win. but vers a GTP now way. your are crazy to think that, just crazy. see that's why I hate people like you all you are is Car Nut Wanabes like people at my school all they do is BS this and BS that. and to the other guy a GT is a GTP without the super charger. the chargers started on the 97 model and it's on a pushrod 3.8 L the 96 and under 3.4 L is a dohc and the GT of 96 and under is a 3.1 L sohc. your just another CNW so get out, and next time do your home work poser.

what's better CNW or CNP. Car Nut Wanabee or Car Nut Poser, i got another SPB Sad Punk B#t%h

like the Eagle Talon people i added a turbo and my one mid-15 can now do low 12s on a pure stock engine. here's a guy at my school like that and i have a 78 Mustang Cobra my mom and dad bought it for me because my dad sold his old 78 cobra he promised me. cars look the same and the stock car is slow but the talon kid can't under stand my car has a Hi Po 289 from a 66 stang a carter AFB 750 cfm full exhaust without cats and an edelbrock performer intake. my car will wup the crud out of them and they make fun of me for having a "slow car" i raced and 88 camaro Iroc-z auto with full exhaust or about a mid to hi 13sec car and i beat him by 3 car lengths at not even a full 1/4 mile so yes i have a problem with imports and import wanabees.
and i'm trying to get a GTP and once i get one i'm going to add a paxton super it would put it at about 280 to 310 hp that's good

posted by  78cobra

and for the i beat a mustang GT 4.6 it's a slow car ya but if you race an automatic your going to win because it's even slower it's a 15.5 or so car in auto. what's to brag about that and if your talking about a 99 and up GT your full of crud because they ave 260 hp. and with your mods on your car you wont be able to do mid 13s bu your get good into low 14s with full exhaust that auto 15.5 car will go up to 14.1 in a mag. articale not bad for SLP exhaust. even if that speed wa sput on your car so ofcouse you thould beet a mustang gt 4.6 96 to 98 or your one sad racer

posted by  78cobra

first off this thread was dead years ago, and seconds that camaro rs was a 6 banger automatic. come on...

posted by  carls47807

These numbers prove my point. For my particular car, the number should be closer to 160 and the car weighs 2440lbs, so p/w=15.25 lb/hp. Don't forget that the laws of inertia are not linear either.

Not sure sure why you go about calling people names. The video of the ZX2 taking out a camaro was only to reinforce the point that the ZX2 is not a slouch. I can run sub 15 second quarter miles with bolt on modifications to my car and still get 30-35 mpg all for under $13K, brand spankin' new. No wonder you're upset... :screwy:

posted by  my2000zx2

No comparison? :screwy: Maybe not in speed and acceleration, but in tightness and reliability. Im taking the ZX2. Pontiacs are good cars though. As long as they have the 3800 V6, Ill buy one.

posted by  FordFromHell351

I walked all over my friends 2003 zx2 (5 speed) with my 96 Grand Prix SE (3100) before his cat back, cai, headers, plugs and ignition box, pulleys, and his super chip. I spent about the same on my motor Street Arsenal Stage 1 heads, Ported and polished Upper and Lower Intake manifolds, 62mm Throttle Body and My Jet Chip. I saw him for about 10 secs. the his headlights faded away. lol :fu:

posted by  kingkn8

admin needs to do some clean-up work on these dead forums.. :screwy:

posted by  Richymartin

Don't forget to add the cost of the car. You see, I bought a new 2000 ZX2 for $11K and poured approximately $3K into it in upgrades. A 1996 Grand Prix retailed for approximately $17 new. Add head work and porting and you are comfortably around $20K. To make up for the drastic difference in price lets add some head work to the ZX2 as well as porting/polishing, head work, cam upgrades, tuning and nitrous. Now you have a car that has a power to weight ratio close to 11 or 12 lb/hp. Oh ya, I layed waste to another Pontiac Grand Sham GT this weekend and felt bad for wasting gas on such an ugly car. :thumbs:

posted by  my2000zx2

that's ok. if you like your car, it shouldn't matter that it's ugly... :laughing: :laughing: :hi: j/k

posted by  dodger65

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