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A quiz without the answers revealed is like a joke with no punchline... or it could be compared to the last series of "Dark Angel" P

posted by  snoopewite

Just thought I'd throw together a few questions for the hell of it. Have Fun!

1. This was the first front wheel drive car to be made by an American manufacturer since the 1935 Cord 810. What was it?

2. The Corvette was the first American car with fiberglass bodywork. What was the second?

3. What American manufacturer produced the worlds first V12-powered car?

4. Where Cadillac got it's name from.

5. The GT40 was the result of Henry Ford 2's failed attempt to buy what famous car company?

posted by  ZWerks7

im thinking the first one is the oldsmobile tornado ? not sure on the rest lol

posted by  Arthur

1. I think its the olds toronado too, but I dont know lol.

3. Cadillac (probably wrong on that too lol)

posted by  Aten

Well, I'm not great at the history of the American cars although they are the best cars in the world in my mind but i'll try your quiz.

1. It's a Toronado first of all, and yes that is what i think it is.

2. Dodge Daytona Charger


4. Somebodies wifes last name


posted by  JU5TIN

If you could please ZWerks7, would you email me the correct answers or post them or something, my email is

Thnx man.

posted by  JU5TIN

well all i knowi s #5 and thats Ferrari.....cuz ferrari was smoking ford constantly in the races (im not sure which series) and HF2 was gettin pissed

posted by  SuperJew

I think the first V12 was a Caddy, and I think the GT40 was a result of trying to buy Ferrari...I don't know the others...

posted by  Machine

JU5TIN wrote -
"If you could please ZWerks7, would you email me the correct answers or post them or something, my email is"

What about the rest of us x

posted by  snoopewite

I don't know the others, but 4. Where Cadillac got it's name from. Cadillac was a surname of a French noble. I believe it was a major family in France, I don't know what century it was, 14th or 13th I believe.

posted by  Termin

posted by  vwhobo

!. Olda Tornado
2.Pontiac ????? - a mid=engine 1 seater.
3. Believe was Packard.

Didn't know 4 and 5 until read them here.

posted by  Sir John

1. Olds Toranado
2. Pontiac Fiero
3. Cadillac
4. Some Explorer Dude
5. Ferrari

posted by  Satty101

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