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Just wondering, I personally like the 2001 Dark Bowling Green Convertible with a tan top and Tan interior. I want the polished wheels, six speed, Z51, ISC package. If I had an extra 50+ grand I would want a Z06. Woud be nice! Lets hear your favorite year or years!

posted by  Unfedfat

I'm not sure the year, but my favorite model is I'm thinking an late 80's early 90's model ZR1, for a few production years, they had a two key ignition, and duel fule injectors in each cylinder, the first ignition only gives you 80% of the full potential of the engine, using only 3 valves and 1 injecter, while the other ignition gives you the extra 20%, so you can let your spouse or child drive it "safely" (like the other 80% isn't fast enough LOL). It was the only Vette to have been (that I've heard of) that had Lotus (a GM subsidary) to help design the engine!!!!!! but I think it's cool, and the best thing to happen to the vette since fule injection!! Although I'm more of a rice freak, I would still love one in my drive way!!! I could always put a body kit and huge Jap spoiler on it!!!! LOL (just joking)

posted by  RushHour0to60

I like the old stingray body style, like the 69. I dont know what it is about the year 1969, but ALOT of great came to be great in that year. I would also enjoy having an extra 50 grand to spend on a Z06, but thats not gonna happen anytime soon. But i would go with the 69

posted by  Option94

yeh, me too. i like the old stingrays

posted by  mazda6man

the old stingrays the 69s those are the best, they look so badass

posted by  PodunkPunk

callaway sledge hammer corvette

posted by  skullz

by far the best year for the corvett is the 69. It has the best over all body desing. While the 99- 03 vetts have good qualities about them, i will always love the 69 the most.

posted by  texag311

z06 no questions asked, fastest best handling best all aound prodctuin vette

posted by  RichG

I sort've like the body style of the 1990 ZR1. However I am still a fan of the New Body style. But the only way to go is with the ZO6

posted by  Lilhuff11

the newer stingrays are the best..i love the stingray 111

posted by  GoOsEmAn

I agree with that

posted by  Samba169

i like the 1991 stingray concept..this 1..
http://www.supercars.net/Pic?s=1&id=2197&i=0&p=1991_chevrolet_c orvette_sting_ray_3-1.jpg&y=1991&m=Chevrolet&o=Corvette%20Sting %20Ray%20III%20Concept

posted by  GoOsEmAn

Personally, I like the 2003 Z06, the interior is like you were flying a plane and the exterior leaves nothing to be ashamed of. I'v never drove one but just sitting in one is just wicked! The specs are good for the price, which is why i love the American cars for there spec vs. price. So anyway, ye, the 2003 Z06.

posted by  JU5TIN

I'd enjoy having a 1963 Stingray Z06. Such a beautiful car, and the speed/handeling isn't bad either :P

posted by  PSAF

My Favorite corvette was a special edition made by Chevy in 1962!!! the hottest of the Hottest. It had an engine and suspension package that was great for it's time about 1400 were made and I am sure I can't afford one now LOL

posted by  daphoto

My favorite Vette was the '67 L88. It had the hood the power and the look that was all its own. That's my dream Vette.

posted by  ace2god21

defintaly the 69 corvette stingray one way kickin car

posted by  lick_q1

Love the body style of the 69 stingray. Not a huge fan of Vettes, but that has to be my favorite year. :)

posted by  ferrarichika

'73 convertible. Soft nose, short tail, small block, 4-speed.

posted by  vwhobo

2004 Lingenfelter Vette!!!! :twisted: what is it? 0-60 in 2.3 seconds? top speed of 230+? price tag of more than anyone can afford? rare, fast, and downright good lookin.

posted by  Satty101

Perhaps this will help you answer the question you asked me earlier, or perhaps it's just a typo. 0-60 in 2.3 seconds, please Louise.


posted by  vwhobo

63 Stingray Split Window...Sexy...

posted by  Mr. Horsepower

change that 2.3 to a 3.2 and i totally agree...

posted by  R34RB30DETTV

the 69's and the 71's were the best ilove the lines and sound

posted by  camaro67

I'd go with the lingenfelter vette also

posted by  Integra_LS

ya, typo. that plus I obviously didn't re-read it like I do for most of my posts to check for errors. sorry guys. :oops:

posted by  Satty101

The series 3 corvettes win in looks but the ZO6 wins in the performance, saftey and handling catogories. :thumbs:

posted by  R34RB30DETTV

but 1965 'Vette with a pair meats in the back. looks exceptionally good.

posted by  Coffin Type R

i'm not a 'Vette fan myself...but I really like the Stingray style...not sure what years they were but look something like this...


posted by  SuperJew

I believe they were from the late '60s into the early '70s.

posted by  Coffin Type R

My favorite young Jew, let me learn ya something. On this body style of Vette, first look at the bumpers. See how the front and rear are both chrome? That places between '68 and '72. Now look at the louvers on the front fender. That style is '70-'72 only. The '68/'69 have four vertical vents instead. More automotive trivia for you.

posted by  vwhobo

yeah..more automotive trivia to be lost forever in my swirling typhoon i like to call my brain. you know whats its like to be a 16 year old guy. :laughing:

posted by  SuperJew

Yeah, I spent all my time learning about and working on cars. What else is there?

posted by  vwhobo

2001 coupe. As far looks and instantly recongnized as a vette the
63-82. Maybe if was older would like C-1 styling.

posted by  blue86

I think I speak for everyone when I ask, huh? :banghead:

posted by  vwhobo


I really like my friends '65 Vette Convertable. It is just beautiful. I would have to say that the '65 is my favorite. The side pipes and the if you could get the 396ci that pumps out 425hp!!!!! :drool: To me that car is just absolutely beautiful. So beautiful I just repated myself twice

posted by  Voda48

59,60,61,283 fuel injection :2cents: Different strokes for different folks :mrgreen:

posted by  lectroid

My favorite Vettes have always been the '63 with the split rear and the '64, I love that styling.

posted by  Enan

58 corvette with 3, 2barrel carbs, very nice and a collector's piece. If i could have one it would be that one. :doh: :oops: :banghead: :screwy:

posted by  79-Cheyenne

1964 Sting Ray, White, Convert. 327, Side Pipes... :laughing:

Dad had one, I only saw pics, but it had FuelInjection(factory(, and turned mid-low 12's at 115mph in 2nd through the 1/4.

*Hits dad for selling it so many years ago*

posted by  agent_b

My Favorite year is the 74! Why? Cuz it's my daddy's car lol

74 conv., 454, fully restored, uhh 5 years ago? white with medium sadle interior, 454 was rebuilt and this year is getting a tunnel ram with velocity stacks :D also running on 20years old good years, lights em up, lol

posted by  Halz5

The '73 and not the Z06, because that is all i can afford now i have taken up motocross...!!!

posted by  R34RB30DETTV

Is Motocross really that expensive????

posted by  Voda48

Well yes.. The bike costs £4200, when i use the race engine it will need a full rebuild every 6 hours of use (maby more often depending upon how i ride it..) that will be £80 a time, then jus to have the shocks re-charged its nearly £800 a time, then we have petrol, tyres and general parts. after that there is track membership because there is no-where to ride legally that is free, then we have to allow for transport and also i need to make a bike trailer because i cannot get insurance on my dads mercedes sprinter van for a reasonable price.. So yeah, it's very expensive..

BTW.. I love the sig..

posted by  R34RB30DETTV

i like the 2005 c6 it is something different and i think it works
here is a pic http://www.corvetteconti.com/Catalog/_private/Categoryimages/C6-2005-CATALO G.jpg

posted by  vette2004

i love the stingray style.it looks incredibly aggressive

posted by  nissanZfan

I love the old Stingray's of 63-67 and also the 1992-1996 C4 model. They both are pretty sweet, the Stingray being a classic!

posted by  moostang104314

My favorite vette would be the 1969 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 427. It is so badass looking with the black painted hood scoop and yellow painted body.

posted by  The_Wheelman

Im not sure of the year but i think it was the 2003 Z06 done by Ligenfelter Twin Turbo 7.0L 0-60mph: 1.97s 1/4mile : 8.95s@ 153mph

There's an article on it, but u'll need adobe acrobat reader its a .pdf file


posted by  speedy266

My personal fav.

I ca only judge by looks, since 1. I don't know shit about cars. and 2. I haven't ever been ina corvette :x

posted by  CoRPS

01-04 Z06's are the best but i'd have to change the back window and make it look like the C5's and also put on the C5's rims but that is all, the rest of the Z06 would stay

posted by  98bird

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