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Greetings. :banghead:

I have a 2002 Saturn L300.

I had all four tires go bad after 18k miles and the dealer replaced two. After only 9k miles the replacement tires (front) started to wear unevenly. I had the shim kit installed last year.

I don't know what to think. Are the factory installed Firestones just the wrong choice or is there something else causing the tires to go bad. I had the dealer check the alignment and it was okay.

I'm thinking of replacing all the tires, but am really worried that it's a mechanical problem inherent to Saturn L300's and the new tires will suffer the same fate.

Your thoughts?

posted by  dodger

quick thought, check tire pressure every month. Minimum.
I do 33 front (engine weight), 32 back (33 if mother inlaw in trunk)(sorry if that is outdated unacceptable joke these days.)

posted by  meckano

What are the driving conditions? As in what kind of roads do you drive on, how fast do you go, do you do anything like burnouts...

BTW Why haven't you posted a single time for a year and a half? :screwy:

posted by  chris_knows

I'm sure he was just preparing himself...

posted by  Pythias

:doh: I just saw this post is from June of 2004

Dude don't bring back such old threads, most of those people have fixed their problems, or left the forums by then :thumbs:

posted by  chris_knows

:banghead: Nor did I see it because for the most part people with common sense don't bring up threads so old... :screwy:

posted by  Pythias

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