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What 15 things do you hate the most? Here are Mine:

1: 1975 Ford Pinto
2: 1979 AMC Pacer :screwy:
3: 1999 Ford Contour/Mercury Mystique
4: 1996 Chevy Lumina Van/Oldsmobile Silhouette/Pontiac Trans Sport
5: 1996 Chevy Lumina :ohcrap:
6: 1996 Ford Mustang
7: 1985 AMC Eagle :cussing:
8: 1984 Chevy Chevette
9: 1989 Dodge Omni :ohcrap:
10: 1992 Ford Tempo
11: 1995 Ford Thunderbird
12: 1980 Dodge Daytona :badrazz:
13: 1991 Eagle Medallion :umh:
14: 2003 Chevy Corvette
15: 1991 Ford Mustang :puke:

posted by  MOPAR

LOL those are great... but I think you forgot to add the Duster, the Escort, the metro and the Acclaim... hahaha

posted by  SunDown13X VR4

Why don't you show an intelligent reason why for each of them? I mean, the years are pretty specific... For example, JUST the '75 Pinto? A particular '75 Pinto you knew about? Or all Pintos? For example, my sister's '74 pinto was the biggest pile of crap I've ever driven, and never went more than 5 miles without something major breaking. My '72, OTOH, was a completely reliable daily driver and excellent autocrosser. And I know a lot of very quick drag Pintos with everything from turbo 4 cyls to built V8s. I'd love to build one up as a track day car.

The '91 Fox Mustang was one of the better Mustang buys, with the stronger 5 liter (roller cam, better injection, etc). It's the same as the '92 and '93, and make great race cars. Why the '96 and not the '95 Mustang? Was it the change to the 4.6?

Why would you hate them? I know I've hated individual exmples of some cars that I've liked (I love air cooled VWs, but there have been a couple I've owned that I absolutely hated...). But I can't intelligently extend the hatred of one example to a whole model line or even a whole marque. Chevettes are pretty boring cars in basic form, but a 10 second big block version is cool, as would be a custom V6 version set up for autocross and/or road racing...

posted by  ChrisV

lol correct me if im wrong there is not one asian car in there.

posted by  Ki2AY

I forgot to mention this one: I woned a 199 SVT Contour. Out of the hundred+ cars I've owned, it's probably the best one, and defintiely one of my favorite sedans of all time. Absolutely stellar handling and agility, one of the best stock exhaust notes from teh high-revving DOHC V6, and subtle looks that don't draw police attention, but still manage to look pretty classy. Comfortable for long drives (like my trip from Seattle to Baltimore) and yet just as at home on the track...




Why would you "hate" this car?

posted by  ChrisV

...cause it's ugly? (eye of the beholder... :wink2: )

posted by  BavarianWheels

Not finding a car perfectly aesthetically appealing is a decent reason to dislike it personally, but to single out a particular year to "hate" is another thing entirely. And a car that tends to get primarily positive reviews worldwide, and that I found personally to be well liked by 99% of automotive enthusiasts couldn't possibly be all that ugly in general. Certainly not enough to "hate" it, when there are so many other reasons to like it.

Subjective opinion only goes so far. When it runs counter to the subjective opinion of a wide range of people, from a wide range of backgrounds, who are paid to know better, then maybe the subjetive opinion is flawed, too.

Is, say, the Millenium Falcon an aesthetically pleasing space ship design? Most likely not, as it isn't smooth, sleek, symetrically balanced, etc. But is that a good reason to "hate" it? I don't think so, even if it's a good enough reason to like a different spaceship design better. I'm trying to make this clear without being insulting.

There is subjective opinion that is irrational, yet valid. You can like/prefer one design over another for unsubstatiated and undefinable reasons, without hating either one. You can dislike one more than another without hating it, too. The problem comes when people feel that they can justify that "subjective" opinion with "objective" information that is not valid.

You can believe and hold the opinion that X is true, when X is, in fact, false. It's when you defend and argue that X is true when it's proven that X is false that we run into problems.

posted by  ChrisV

Dusters rock, i admit the early 90's sucked but still looked decent, but the muscle car was awesome!

posted by  Neonlover04

I agree, I don't believe that finding a car aesthetically displeasing is any reason to hate it. I don't care how a car looks just as long as it performes well, in fact I love cars that are extremly ugly yet very fast. It just doesn't attract to many women. But I love the feeling of pulling your rust spotted, dented and dinged car next to a polished show corvette and handing him his arse as you leave him in smoke at the stoplight.

By the way great use of grammar and vocabulary ChrisV! :thumbs:

posted by  Zalight

Contour? Well, I hate the name...

I worked at Ford's Dunton R&D plant when that car was being developed (well, the previous model, anyway). There was a competition to name Ford's first 'world car' (a car that would be sold, almost unchanged, in all markets). There were many entries, but most of them took up the jazz mag theme (Ford Fiesta, Ford Escort, Ford Readers Wives??).

The winning name was Mondeo. It was a play on 'monde' (French for 'world), and apparently sounded OK in most languages.

Everything was going smoothly for this world car, until the Americans got hold of it. Suddenly, there was a 'world' car that was completely different in the US.

They do handle incredibly well, though!

posted by  heebee

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