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what is your favorite car brand OUT OF THESE TEN? be sure to vote!

posted by  MOPAR

CHEVY all the way :thumbs: :thumbs:

posted by  archangle

Why doesnt the list go more like:

AMC (what the hell would they be on there for anyway...there kinda dead :ohcrap: )

Anyway, Chrysler. If it wasn't for the lack of everything at GMC then Chrysler wouldn't even exist. I guess you could say they make up for GMC's crap. Walter P. Chrysler worked at GMC, he got sick of the crap they were doing and started Chrysler.

Have a look at this:



posted by  DodgeRida67

I figured SOMEONE has to like them...

posted by  MOPAR

is it just me or is this poll utterly pointless?

posted by  SuperJew

No, it's not you. It's pointless. So are all the other polls he's created. :laughing: :screwy:

posted by  DodgeRida67

Well apart from it being pointless its not even good at being pointless, hes missed about 200 brands out!

posted by  cinqyg

I'm sorry i came back. :mad2:

posted by  MOPAR

I think you just need to put a little though into it, we have covered alot of stuff here and its just a matter of covering the new, the intreguing.

An idea for a pole might be

Which 4 stroke engines do you find the easist to work on
Side valve OHV OHC DOHC rotoary

posted by  cinqyg

I'm sorry too.

posted by  abless


I like Ford/Lincoln...especially lincoln...they have very nice lux cars. Also, the mustang is simply too good a performance car, and the Ford GT (except for it's rear end) is one hell of a performance car.

But then the chevy and caddy combo works nicely as well. Caddy has some nice lux cars as of late, and chevy has the almighty Z06, lt1s and ls1s, etc.

Its a tough call.

posted by  importluva

Proly Dodge... I dont really like Domestics, so...

This is a pretty useless poll tho...

posted by  StiMan

I'm going to say DODGE cuz of the Vipers and those kick ass RAMS!

posted by  SunDown13X VR4

The Ram SRT-10 has that viper engine... best of both worlds!

posted by  StiMan

cadillac all the way!!! luxury, power, and style all in an american car!!! a true american pop culture icon and straight-forward competitor to european cars!!!

posted by  moostang104314

It aint a competitor in my book..

posted by  StiMan

If you can't see that the CTS-V is not a competitor to the BMW M3 or M5, thats a little akward. Also, the XLR roadster and SRX suv compete well amongst Mercedes, BMW's, and Lexus's. Also, the new 2005 STS will rival the BMW 5-Series/Mercedes E-Class with its standard V6 or optional Northstar V8. My dad drives a '99 STS and I would choose that over any V6 European car in its price range. (thats right... standard V8!) so don't say Cadillac isn't trying hard to compete with Europe's finest. :mrgreen:

posted by  moostang104314

The best brand is ( NISSAN )
I have a 96 cavalier, but chevy (all their cars,trucks) are all the same..
My other car is a nissan exterra...
and i've seen how nissan has creativity to change their vehicals, and are able to sell more !

Go Nissan :clap:

posted by  Dustin

This may sound a little werid but does it really matter if its a V8 or V6, it seems that alot of you americans, mention a V8 and you will have a wet dream about it. surely its about the whole car. I am not that up on the STS, is it a monocoque construction ? this will make a lot of difrence to weight and handeling, bearing in mind that the V8 will weigh more, there for beafyer front suspention, drive shafts gearbox etc so it might not gain you very much. surely power is more important than what configeration the engine is. Straight 6's ar every important to trucking industry due to the high torque levels, but if they could get the chariactuerics out of a diffrent configeration then it wouldnt matter.

I think worldleyness is needed here.

posted by  cinqyg

I'd have to say Dodge. Well, the Chrysler family, which includes Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth. I may be a bit biased since my dad will only buy Chrysler products, but I'm not sure where Chrysler gets their wrap for being a bad company. We have owned....1,2,3,4,5,6 Chrysler products-
-A 1994 Dodge Grand Caravan
-A 1995 Plymouth Neon
-A 1998 Plymouth Voyager (EXPRESSO!)
-A 2000 Chrysler Cirrus
-A 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser
-A 2003 Chrysler Concorde

...All of which have been mechanically sound. Even our Neon, which for being first model year compounded by a first generation Neon, was a reliability gem. I don't know why Chrysler gets such heat. They have better reliability than Ford, and CERTAINLY better reliability than GM. I mean, the only problem we have had is that my dad's car "needed a new transmission" after 20,000 miles. Turns out, they replaced the transmission free of charge, and the problem that the car wouldn't go into gear still remained. It so happened that some cord or wire was being crushed and he didn't need a new transmission at all. Oh well. It was under warranty. No big deal.
As well, I must say- I LOVE the direction that DaimlerMercedes is taking Chrysler. The new influence is great. Such as the Pacifica, 300, and Crossfire. Euro cars made in America. I am proud... not to mention that lovely Hemi engine. :drool:

posted by  Patrick

Have to go with Ford. Most modern engine line-up.

posted by  thunderbird1100

wow the nissan Nissan 300ZXTT are sure nice cars !


posted by  Dustin

The CTS series still has a very cheesy interior compared to ANY BMW. Also the exterior styling is daring and is best left at 'love it or hate it'. Me? Hate it.

posted by  thunderbird1100

I dont know much about US domestic cars being a brit we dont see many of them.

But the first car i really loved was the Viper GTS so its dodge for me :smoke:

posted by  Lukaz

You must have had pure luck. Mopar is always rated among the worst reliability wise for North American companies. So your comment that Mopar is better in reliability is very un-true. My family owns a 2000 Town and Country LTD. 3.8 and it has GOT to be the worst vehicle we've ever owned. It's the first American vehicle we have owned since a 1975 400 Grand Prix. It's a complete heap (may be turned in under the lemon law). Fortunatley we got the 100k mile extended warrenty in which covered most of it's 20 shop visits for repair (13 being mechanically related). Want to know why Chrysler/Dodge gets such a bad rep for reliability? They make the absolute worst automatic trannies. Our's has been replaced once and still has problems here and there.

JD Power just released their long-term reliability problems for each company just in the past week or so. Daimler/Chrysler was much worse off than Ford motor co. and GM.


Plain and simple truth.

One interesting fact I got out of this was how horrible the Korean (well American owned Korean) companies were in reliability. No wonder they carry those standard 10/100k warrenties. No one would buy from them given that statistic.

posted by  thunderbird1100

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