What's the heaviest GM minivan?

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We're looking for a heavy (over 6500 lb) minivan to replace our Ford Windstar (130+ miles ^_^), and we have a GM discount thing. What should we buy?

Edit: The "GVWR" should be 6500 lb. Oh, and we're looking for something cheap and within the last 5 years. Used, of course.

posted by  stupidcarnewbie

If you want a crappy ride, get a Chevy astrovan. :roll:

posted by  MOPAR

are you serious? there's no such thing. theyre all more like 4000-ish lbs. no minivan is 6500 lbs...hell, i cant think of any car that weighs that much. :screwy:

posted by  SuperJew

I'm wicked curious, why are you looking for a van that weighs OVER 6,500LBS?

posted by  DodgeRida67

A 6500 pound minivan? What in the...... Why don't you just ride an elephant to work and or school. It will be a hell of alot easier to buy than a 6500lb minivan. May I ask why does the weight of the minivan matter? Do you have some sort of rowdy teenagers attempting to push your van over?

posted by  DSMer

surely thats the gross weight, ie van pulss lots of stuff shoved in it??

posted by  cinqyg

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