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I was wondering what is your guys' opinions on a 1991 Pontiac Grand Prix SE, The car looks nice, and has a v6 with 2 doors which sounds cool to me. I am new to cars, and was wanting your guys' opinions.

Also what would the Horsepower be in it?

posted by  [Zach]

Nnnno. I wouldnt. of course, i'm not a big pontiac fan... :ohcrap:

posted by  MOPAR

butt-ugly. :asshake:

posted by  SuperJew

Im not a domestic guru, so i wont comment much on this car. It looks really nice, one of my neighbors had one.

However, i doubt if the SE version has the V6, wasnt that the GT version? Either way, hp will be a max of 200, most probably less (im guessing 180) if its the V6.

posted by  importluva

Yes its a v6, the SE version that is. I got it for free, I was wondering if its possible to convert it over to a manual transmission, I like them. If so how much would it run?

posted by  [Zach]

i dont know for sure on price, but it wouldnt be a cheap one

posted by  mazda6man

About how many seconds for 0-60 on it?

posted by  [Zach]

8.3 sec I heard (if 172 SAE hp)
:smoke: :smoke:

posted by  lutz

Heh. Goes to show how much i know about domestics. :oops:

posted by  importluva

The 1991 Pontiac Grand Prix was available with essentially three engines: a four cylinder, and two V6's. One of the V6 engines made 140hp with 185 lb.ft. of torque (this number surprises me, but hey...). The other engine, which I believe was in the GT version, pumped 200hp and 215lb. ft. of torque.
Personally, I love the look of Pontiacs. New ones, that is. Before about.... say 1999, with the exception of the Firebird and Sunfire, the cars were hideous. Personally, I wouldn't be all that flattered by that car. And if you did wish to swap out transmissions--- well, expect to pay a hefty amount. Upwards of $2k, maybe? I'm sure it'd be worth it. Depending on the model, manual trannys usually are able to cut down 0-60 times by over 1/2 a second. "According to my research" (allusion to Phoebe from the Magic School Bus- what a great show- back in the day.), the 1991 with an automatic transmission hit 60mph in app. 8.5-9.0 seconds. I'd say that you could count on anywhere from 7.9 to 8.5 with a stickshift. So thurr ya urr. :umh:

posted by  Patrick

I'm not a domestic kind of guy also... but if you want to compare cars... one fo the best places is Consumer Guide ( you can check new and used cars... specs and all the 9 yards...


posted by  SunDown13X VR4

Hideous? I've always liked these:[/im g] ll.jpg

the basic one has a bit more potential, due to not having the ribbing, but I'd definitely look into doing the flares and teh like.

The V6 is the 3400 pushrod unit (the GTP got the DOHC V6), and there are a LOT of parts out there for it, cheap. So regardless of the power it has now, it can be made rather fast pretty easily, especially considering you got the car for [i]free. ANY free car is a good project car!

As for a manual trans, you could get the manual trans for that engine family (2.8/3.1/3.4) in the Citation, Beretta and Fiero as well as the Grand Prix and Grand Am, so finding a salvage yard example should be rather cheap, as well as the parts to convert (you'll need the pedal assembly, shifter assembly, etc out of the doner car). it will take some mechanical ability, but on a free car, it's a good place to learn. OTOH, you could leave the stock automatic in there, and put in a B&M shift kit, and get much faster, firmer shifts that you can control manually as well as leaving it automatic. This will make it as quick or quicker than a manual trans car, and be vastly less money.

posted by  ChrisV

lol @ ChrisV. Man, is there a car you don't like :wink2:

posted by  importluva

Individual examples, yes. I've hated a few cars I've owned (even if they make and model was a car I liked), and disliked certain examples of cars other people have customized. I can even like a car, and dislike specific parts of it.

But collectively? No. If it has wheels and an engine, I can find a way to have fun with it. Anything that can be done to one car can be done to another, especially when it comes to being fast or handling better. There are no cars I dislike as a general rule.

OTOH, there are very few cars that I feel are perfect in stock form. Stock form is always a compromise of some sort. Even in exotic cars that have to conform to rules and regulations.

posted by  ChrisV

If i was you i would saty away from domestics! :oops:

posted by  87TurboII

Luckily he isnt' you. He got the car for free, which is an excellent price for ANY project car, regardless of who built it. But, nothing is wrong with building up domestic cars.

posted by  ChrisV

thats a great attitude to have. maybe ill reach that stage someday.

posted by  importluva

I didn't say there was anything wrong with it i said in my own oppinion that i would stay away from domestics it was just my own :2cents: and yeah getting it for free regardless of anything is a good build up car.

posted by  87TurboII

That is a very positive attitude you keep that up you will get some where in life

posted by  87TurboII

Sorry. I assumed that the "pukey face" and the wording that was telling him to stay away from domestics (by putting yourself in his place) meant that you felt that there was something wrong with domestics, and that not only would you not work with domestics, he shouldn't either...

posted by  ChrisV

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