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is it true thet most of the modern and regular american cars like chevrolet impala or lets say chevrolet cavalier got bad handling ?

because here in israel most of the cars are from japan (nazda toyota nissan honda subaru)
or european like (renault :banghead: fiat etc)

but there is a very little amount of american cars , the prices of the american here in israel is really on the floor and really cheap but no one buys because "they doesnt match the israeli road" we have some crapy roads here but we got some goods.

so back to the question above . :mrgreen:

posted by  ILdriver

I wouldnt say they have bad handeling, they just ride very very soft and have light steering in comparison to the euro specs any way. As you know they are also quite big and consume alot of fuel in comparison.

There really cheap becuase there subserdised by the us goverment!

Ill stop there before i start getting politcal.

posted by  cinqyg

but ill ask someone about it .

no need to get political we are not here for it .

i have once drove a chevrolet cavalier and i felt like im driving a big boat when i was above 50 mph .

when i got on my corolla later i felt like im on some sporty because of the stiffness in comparisson to a big american .

posted by  ILdriver

thats exactly what i mean,

posted by  cinqyg

when i felt like driving a boat was'nt really giving me a good feeling

a feel like i dont control anything or somthing

how can i say it - not letting me feel secured or somthing .

naaa i dont like it hw can you driva somthing like this and even biger and smudgier cars acting even worst .

give me a japanease (like this ?) car and i feel much better .

maybe thets because im used to driving and beeing in a jap all of my life. :banghead:

posted by  ILdriver

yeah i know you cant feel the movments of the car, its just soft springs and over assisted steering, if you wanted it could be fixed but thats how yanks like them.

posted by  cinqyg

Wow, I think a Cavalier Z24 handles just fine. Also, they have quick snappy pick ups from their 2.4l I-4. They are HARDLY a large car, so I don't see how it could feel like a boat. Plus the car is Front Wheel Drive, which makes steering at high speeds slower and you experience understeer while putting stress on the CV Joints. Plus with a new set of springs, or coilovers your solution would be fixed quickly. Also, they are very affordable.

posted by  Integra_LS

i think it depnds what your used to, you also have to rember that the boat feel is what americans sem to want so the import models are adjusted to give it a proper oil tanker feel he he

posted by  cinqyg

american roads are diffrent to europes and probably all other types of roads.

the monsterious high power vechiles can get away with certain aspects and feels of the car on american roads where as in most parts of europe either isnt possible because of the twists and turns of winding roads. poor road condition or narrower sized lanes and fewer of them than the us.

Basically amercain cars where built for american roads

posted by  Lukaz

:thumbs: exectly :thumbs:

there is a 57 camaro where i live , the owners changed lots of stuff to mae it much controlable things like sway bars and koni adjustment suspensions
new valves and valve springs , hot camsheft etc etc etc

the car is a monster !!!!

just to haer it rooorrrr's :screwy: :screwy:

so beutifull

i can put a link to her photos chevrolet_1&LM=RankOrder

thets might just be the bigest tuning webpage in israel

allmost all the real pro's are there , including me :wink2:

posted by  ILdriver

True amercain cars are rare in britain.

Today i did see a cadillac fleetwood and there huge :ticking:

compare to euros tiny cars. also saw some other vintage cars might put them in classic car area later.

But yea usa has some real growl to it :smoke:

posted by  Lukaz

You were driving a Chevy Cavalier, and it feels like a boat? Something is seriously wrong with your driving judgment. Because a Cavalier is so tiny that any sidways motion would hardly be noticed, and even if there was a rocking motion it would not be as so severe for you to call it a "boat". American cars are loose in handling because a majority of our roads are straight. Euorpean cars are tight in handling because they have lots of winding roads.

Theres no need to have more than you need if the average driver will never use it. Not all American cars have bad handling either some have pretty decent handling they just usually cost a pretty penny.

posted by  DSMer


American roads are for amercain cars and that the roads in us are very diffrent.

In europe we have the thin narrow winding twisting roads for some retarded reason :screwy:

posted by  Lukaz

well Lukaz if you was to come to Yorkshire and drive in our country lane's, 1st of all they wide as hell! secondly they ain't twisted! maybe windin' but hey, without bends and a little bit of turns, it's sad drivin in a straight line and thirdly, they empty as paradise lol :thumbs:

come to Yorkshire Lukaz! i could show you around, we got them fit yorkshire lass's aswell :hi:

posted by  WeaponR

I know what you mean matey. im living around the East anglia area the land is flat and isnt that twisty and to be honest its often :sleep: nothing like a good apex! vroommm heheh. but here is mostly country lanes lol.

Nice ladies hey :smoke: :hi: Me want! :mrgreen: :drool:

posted by  Lukaz

who doesn't want these Yorkshire lass's hey :hi: :laughing:

your sig isn't workin' again. i think i could help you out this time. mail it to me and i'll host it on to my new image domain :thumbs:

email address....check my profile

posted by  WeaponR

im using fotki to put my sig in and it anit working again fotki sucks! :cussing:

posted by  Lukaz

are you stupid or did you just never pay any attention at school.

It is easy to see why the road system differs just look at the development cycle of each country. england was the first industrial nation and im not blowwing my own horn here before any one says other wise. this is mainly due to the natural resorces and that we are surounded by alot of angry cathoilc nations for hunderds of years that the technology was driven forward. The westmidlands and black country lead the way with the steel and other hevey industrys, this lead to the ablity to constuct larger buildings and machines more cheaply and easily, water was the first source of power, mainly in the north of england where cloth was woven in huge mills, driven by the empire, the development of steam power lad to the expotation of deep mines which lead to a greater aviablity of resorces such as coal, tin, steel, clay, sand, gravel, copper, lead, slate, gypsum and many others. The large coal reerves that the uk still has today are some of the finest and propertionally largest in the world as it is much better quality than the brown coal of europe and some of the americas.

london and the south coast lead the way for shipping and trade while the north could build any range of things from fine porcelain to 500,000 tonne ships to transport them all over the world. Large car industries and processing plans for a varity of goods were in place to process the riches from the empire.

America started to develop seroiusly in the 1840's the use of mass production techniques was very mush lead by the need for guns and amunnition.

Now from a road sruture point of view, then look at the comparite points in history and the main form of transport. in britain most of the goods were carried by our fine cannal system up until 1870's when the railways had matured. One of the bigest failing was the cannals were built to well so when the money was availbe for upgrade (widenting and such) then they were in to good a condition. If the cannal system in the uk was 3 or 4 times the width then most bulk powers and agragates would travel that way. lookm at the rhine for example, where one barge full is the equiverlnet of 100 full sized HGV's, one tug moves 10-20 of these barges at a time.

then the development of the rail network this was pioneered in the uk mainly from the mining industry. This is why standard gauge is such a funny size 4'8 1/2 " 60% of th worlds rail is this size and all becuase the coal miners of the north of england layed 2 tracks down and thought it looked about wide enough for a horse to pull carts between.

IKB broad gauge was a great idea unfortunatly it was replaced by the railways act when they were standardised.

and so we push onto the the turn of the century where the internal combustion engine has just been invented and the rich are starting to buy cars. so for the last 200 years the roads have ony been used by horse and carts and britain had pushed on with public transport. most of britain had mud tracks and cobeld highstreets which are perfectly suited to horses but not that great for cars, you have to have some one on foot infront to wave a red flag. this obvoisly limited the need for wide roads as 6-8 miles an hour were about as fast as any one could go. later this was relaxed and a limit of 20mph was put in place the ownership of cars was very low and the cobled medevil steets were still in place. mean while in america the wooden shaks which they call houses last a very short amount of time compared to the stone and brick built structures of england as wooden construction was outlawed in the main cities after the fire of london.

this makes the land alot more flexible along with the relaively low population density means that when new roads are built they are layed out on the victorian new towns prricipal of grid iron patten's and in a tyupical replubic way no names for roads. ie numbered roads and streets.

if you notice over the last 50 years the war nations have done very well this isdue to there base technology and infrasturcture is 1950's, where very one elses is much older.

I would expect that within the next few 100 years that china will become the super power of the world as its infrastructure is developed bywestern nations with upto the min products.

This added to the "stay at home" self interested titde of the americans will lead to there down fall. but i dont want to start to big an argument.

so basically the later the land was developed the more civil planiing was put in place and so more suitable to modern living.

posted by  cinqyg

Hehe cinqyg busted out the history. Yeah I figured it had to do something with UK being the first to boom. That guy claims he goes to college. I think he should get a refund :laughing: , and if its free....well that explains a hell of alot.

posted by  DSMer

I'm not sure I want to get in on the international turf wars,but I've been to Spain,England,& Japan,and I think my C3 Corvette would do fine on our "big" roads,as well as the "narrow,twisty,winding" ones anywhere else.It doesnt handle like a "boat",unless you're referring to where its name came from.If your education encompasses where that term is derived. :laughing: :thumbs:

posted by  Marine Vette

Its also a "Corvette", wich the name and the car itself would explain your reasoning for it being able to handle the European roads...

posted by  DSMer

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