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Hello, I have a 92 regal with a 3.1 engine. In Feb, the computer died and I replaced it with one from the junkyard, and the car ran fine for a while. It just fried again, and this time I opened it, and there's a big round capacitor in the center of the board that looks like it burned pretty good. I don't know where to begin looking for a fault and I know that problems like this can be elusive and cost big bucks at a shop!! Does anyone know of a common fault with this car that could cause it, or are there any areas in particular that are most likely to cause such a big jolt to the computer?
I am good with electronics and familiar with the operation of a car computer. Just hoping this may be somewhat common. Thanks.

posted by  joe111671

thats a seroius problem, well you have to figure theres a short somewhere, you need a schematic of the wiring system and a Digital Multi-meter, i would say e-mail buick, and tell them the problem. cuz thats a tuffy!

posted by  Neonlover04

make sure your voltage regulator in the alt. is working...sounds like your ECM keeps taking voltage spikes...an unprotected charging system can cause such a problem as well as faults in the A/C system...when the A/C clutch engages and disengages it can cause voltage spikes over 500volts. If you can read a wiring diagram...find the most detailed wiring diagram you can and trace it down.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

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