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Greetings all. I have a 1996 Cavalier, and lately I've been running into an issue with my key. I can't turn my key in the ingition, or it takes me almost 100 tries, which can be a tad embarrassing :)

Hwoever, my wife's key works fine. I went and got a copy made, and the copy still doesn't work. I thought maybe it was how I was putting the key in, but I've been driving this car now for 8 eyars with no trouble :D :lol:

Anyone else encounter this problem, or know what might be wrong?
Thanks in advance,


posted by  Zerzil

Maybe your key is more worn than the key your wife uses. Did you make a copy of your key or your wife's?

There's also some build up that sticks to keys over time. Clean the key, There's some key hole lubricant...I think its a graphite powder or something you might locate and try.

**shruggs shoulders**

posted by  BavarianWheels

Yup, made a copy of hers, figuring it would fix the problem ...

(I had originally made a copy of mine hoping it was just worn, but to no avail - I will try lubing it next)


posted by  Zerzil

This is long overdue of course, but there was a voluntary recall on cavaliers including those of our year (96) for the ingition switch. If you experienced problems with the key, you should be able to take the car to a GM dealer and have them replace it, no charge. The issue was that even though the key wasn't starting the car, it was have been making a connection that was heating the wires. Multiple attempts to start the car would cause the wires to heat up, and could potentially cause trouble.
I got a card in the mail from GM telling me to take it in for the free change (but I must admit I never did it, as I had no issues with mine).
Campaign for the recall is 02008 I think.

posted by  rangeviper

Don't use graphite, a shot of WD40 is good. It is obviously a problem with your key if your wifes works good. Best bet is to take it to a good locksmith, they can read the cuts on the key and code out a new one to factory specs.

Make sure you take the good key with you.
Any time you make a copy from a copy from a copy etc.. they tend to get off from the original specs.

posted by  thefonz

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