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Whats up guys(and ladies)?! My names Nathan and i rep. for itsturbo. I have the lowest price turbo kits on the market...period! Whether you own a Mustang or a New edge Cougar we have the kit and horsepower gains you want. My Cougar is being fit with a T3 Garret kit right now! This company is being shown in 5.0 Mustang magazine next month..check them out!

This company also stocks up on any performance part you can think of...especially for Mustangs! You want a pair of the best headers...check them out! Give them a call at 937-533-1730..and ask for Steve or Carson. Let them know where and who told you about them!! Iknow you WILL NOT find a better price for parts!!!!!! If you have any questions for me Aim me at luckybfor!! Thanks!

posted by  CougarSVT

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