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i love all american muscle. i am only an entering college student at Virginia Military Institute, i will be majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I would like to learn more about cars and how they work. I think i know a lot already considering that my passion for muscle cars had only started less than a year ago. but i would like to expand my knowledge. please leave a few messages inorder for me to get to know you all!!! :banana:

posted by  am_muscle

Well first of all this is the wrong forum :D... haha but dont worry about it.

Muscle cars are probably the most interesting bunch of cars in the car world. Not only are they the most valued to many true motorists but they are the best productions in car history. My personal favourite car would have been the 1971 Plymouth Fury GT440. My dad owned one of 35 ever made and it was one of the best working cars ever. She'd do over 160mph without even a sweat and without any 'toying with'.

Also becoming a mechanical engineer sounds awesome. Although I'm only 16 my intentions are to reach that goal someday. I love messing around with cars, drawing and being creative so it should work out. Hope it does for u as well

posted by  A-Poc

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