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Ok. I have a Crate H.O 350. It has powdered connecting rods, hypertectonic pistons (im guessing), cast crankshaft,125 shot of nitrous, vortec heads, .500" lift cam, .510" lift vamve springs, weiand single plane intake manifold, 750 cfm holley double pumper, and 2500 stall.

Now. The problem/dilema/question i have is will my rods handle my wanted 6000-6200 max rpms? The spec sheet says max of 5500, but its always way on the safe side.
And. Will my pistons (whatever they are) handle the power i want to put to them and the added nitrous.

Im not sure what kind of affect the nitrous will have on the rods, being that their more affected by velocity rather than impact, but i doubt these rods can handle anything.

If these are my limiting factors, i think im going to step up and turn my engine into a 396 stroker motor. Any advice/tips/warnings are more than welcome here as well.

Thank you

posted by  oldschool79

With a 125 shot of nitrous and a desired redline of'll run that combo to a very early grave. I wouldn't spray that motor until it's broken in well. All you have to do is step up to forged pistons and a good set of aftermarket rods and you should be fine. I think if you jet the nitrous down to the 75-100hp level with a 5700rpm redline the engine should last a little longer that way.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

what's your compression ratio???

I'm thinking you'll have a bent connecting rod in your near future if you don't beef them up!

posted by  DTMach1

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