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i have an 86 4 cylinder mustang, and im pretty poor and kinda attactched to the car, i wanna up grade it but i dunno if i would be able to put a turbo kit on it

posted by  joshosetsfire

If you want to upgrade it first things first, fix every problem so far. Then completely COMPLETLY rip out 4 cylinder and put in a 5.0 engine into that thing. Then get a turbo.

posted by  Hummer H1

hes better off just supercharging it..... the new engine that is

posted by  Inygknok

Don't listen to the above two posts. The 2.3 is a VERY VERY potent engine turboed and can handle a LOT of boost on the internals. Go to a dirt track and you will see a bunch of Mustangs...NONE with the 5.0, but rather turbo 2.3's slashing out 500hp. The 2.3 is a very good engine (just not in N/A form). Turboing it would be a great idea (the SVO was a turboed 2.3 and made up to about 200 something hp back in the early-mid 80s).

Here's some sites to check out...

Just some sites to play around with.

posted by  thunderbird1100

supercharger over a Turbo setup? Noooo....

A 5.0 with a T44 turbo @ 10psi layed down 400rwhp and 500rwtq on a stock longblock with new injectors, MAS and FMU.

I'd take that over ANY lame Supercharger :)

posted by  thunderbird1100


btw, f/i is not a good idea if he/she is a novice enthusiast.

posted by  importluva

i would take a turbo over an SC anyday. HELLO, look at wat my favorite car is. the koenigsegg is the only difference, but its a damn swedish supercar.... so u know, thats accepted.

im kinda used to seeing SC's on these engines due to the complex tubing required if u run just one turbo on them, just like on boxer engines. damned symmetrical engines ΒΆ:/

posted by  Inygknok

If I were you, I'd just convert to a '86 SVO GT set-up...2.3l turbo from the factory...190hp, about 145 to the wheels. This is one thing I do agree with thunderbird on...those turbo 2.3's have some serious potential...factory boost is 14lbs if i'm not mistaken(at least in the '87-88 t-bird turbo coupes). You could probably run close to 20lbs with no ill effects. put a 3" downpipe and exhaust on that bad boy with a cold air intake and you'd probably be running close to 230-250hp. Should be less of a hassle to install a used 2.3 turbo coupe motor w/intercooler than to convert to a 5.0L. Better yet, you could just get the manifold and turbo from a scrap yard...along with an ECM of course. People have a tendency to think that smaller displacement engines are usually low on torque output but that's just not true with a turbo.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

If you are poor, than you won't be able to afford a turbo package. I suggest you sell your car and get a 86' Mustang with a V8 engine. The 4 cylinder Mustang you have now produces 88 hp @ 4200 and 122 ft/lb @ 2600. The 86' V8's make 200 hp @ 4000 and 285 ft/lb @ 3000. The turbocharged 4 cylinder SVO mustangs make 205 hp @ 5000 and 245 ft/lb @ 3200. Sell your car and buy a V8. It'll be about the same price or cheaper than turbocharging your 4-cylinder.

I've seen 86' V8 Mustangs for as low as $1,200.

posted by  What

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