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hey everybody i just got a 96 pontiac sunfire and i think i want to switch out the head lights. i saw in import tuner a civic with skyline headlights, and i was wondering if i could install some in my sunfire?

posted by  Remedy

hey ... i have a 96 sunfire gt.... i had to take out them pain in the ass headlights many times :banghead: i put in the hyper white lights and still cant see shit with them :cussing: i thought about changing the lights myself but its too much work....if you have the money it can be done....ive seen a couple of sunfires with different headlamps

posted by  krazysunfiregt

and by headlights you mean the whole assembly?

if so then you'll need a good amound of cutting and shit...its almost not worth it, considering your car has the potential to look like shit with different headlights. i discourage doing this...but whatever floats your boat.

posted by  SuperJew

looks like shit in stock trim anyhow...... then again, so does any car that is modified by inspirations from 2NR mag. even though i read it, i still wouldnt do more than half the things in there.

posted by  Inygknok

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